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Getting an Invitation to Submit an application for new Pro BIM services

Hi Everyone
I want to ask
I have got a message from a person who said from Fiverr Team,with invitation to submit an application for New Pro Bim Service
Do you know the New Pro Bim Service on fiverr? Can anyone give me an advise with this?
Thanks so much


Hi there.

If the person who messaged you has a green “fiverr team” icon then they are in fact fiverr staffers.

You can see the green badge only through your computer browser though.

So feel free to ask them any questions and fill out the form if you are interested.

BIM subcategory is happening though, since I was contacted to create a promo video for them. :slight_smile:


hi frank_d
Thanks for your reply-It mean Fiverr is creating Bim Subcategory Service and We will apply to do some work for them?

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It means you have been invited to be one of the first Pro sellers in this new sub category.

It doesn’t mean that they will send work your way.

Please read what they sent you carefully.

And ask them questions.