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Getting back in the game

Hi everyone,

I haven’t been very active on Fiverr in the last few months, but now that I am no longer distracted with other endeavours I am hungrier than ever to get back into the Fiverr game. Being inactive, I have missed some major site updates and changes for sellers. I need to know how to improve my gigs to the new seller standards and any new features of the site that may affect my ability to get customers.

I have always had high standards of service, and I would like to continue to provide help to everyone as i have in the past. If any other sellers would like to help me out or provide tips that would be a great help, and buyers who require my services, I will be optimising my gigs and lowering prices very soon!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


Hey, Welcome back. Wish you can enjoy at your best. Good luck. :sunny:


I wish you best of luck

The competition is stiffer now, I wish you luck

what are featured gigs? how can I get my gigs back on top?

Fiverr Pro is the newest thing. Check it out if you fall under the available categories