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Getting blackmailed by a buyer for bad review and order cancel


So I need someone to answer this quick, I get an order and the guy says I ordered accidently please cancel the order and I did cancel it thinking if I won’t he r she can put negative feedback. That was my first cancel ever.

But somehow I just thought that maybe it was not a real buyer. But now someone ordered again a week later, and I delivered as requested.

Now this guy started a revision and said I’ll ask my company to approve it, and he said can you deliver it again, when my manager approves it.

Okay, I said.

Now the guy started a dispute saying the quality is bad.

I said out of my suspicion that this guy is not legit…, So, I asked for him/her to please let me know the name of your company or identify yourself.

His answer was that it is illegal in UK to disclose your company, and that answer just somehow making me feel like that this buyer is just saying words like I am showing unprofessional behaviour for asking about his company name or to identify himself.

The buyer did not responded to any of my questions and placed direct order before discussing anything. The requirements were for writing three simple blogs or articles, that I did and provided COPYSCAPE proof too. Now the buyer says the company did not approve it, he will not tell me the company name that I asked very politely. Then the buyer said it is illegal to share the company name.

That I I believe prove that the buyer is simple here to put bad impression on my gig, so I ask what fiverr is doing about it and where is seller protection from such people, they threaten to leave bad feedback if we no accept what they say.

Any advice or tip what should I do?



If they threaten you you could report it.

If you ask the seller to identify himself or his company I’m not sure that’s allowed by Fiverr rules and the data protection act says:

information must be…

  • used for specified, explicit purposes
  • used in a way that is adequate, relevant and limited to only what is necessary

ie. do you need the company name or his identity to write the article? If not I don’t think you need to ask for it.

Fiverr TOS says:

To protect our users’ privacy, user identities are kept anonymous.


Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the Order Page.

but the personal info in this case wasn’t required to create the article.

If the order gets cancelled you could do a search for the text of the article later to see if it’s being used online. If you want you could refuse to cancel but you might get a low rating, though CS might cancel it if threats are being made. You could let them know that if they cancel they have no rights to the article (eg. you could publish it yourself).

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I also write blogs and web content.

I have not encountered the situation you describe.

It does sound fishy to me if he is so hesitant to reveal the company name.

Typically, if a business contacts me for web content, that name shows up as part of their user name as they want to make it clear that they are a company and not just your Average Joe.

I think you’re being played here.

If you end up with a bad review, don’t sweat it.

I get the odd one, too.

You can’t please everyone.


Thank you, I only asked for name and no contact details. I asked to assist in any way possible or I’ll make any change that they will request, but the buyer said nothing, and the reason he said that the content is SPUN which is not true. I think I have an idea what I will do with the content. Thanks for the help and guidance.


I agree with you too. He said he is working for this company and cannot reveal anything including that he said I did not get any note from manager about what I should do about the revision or any changes and simply started a dispute for cancellation.


His company, or whoever hired him, probably doesn’t know that he got someone on Fiverr to write the articles, and he doesn’t want them to find out.


I was just thinking the same thing…lol

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Hey Israr -

Can’t help you with this exact situation - clients do have a right to decide your work is “bad” (it’s entirely subjective, unfortunately) and request to cancel the order, even if it’s a crappy thing to do metrics-wise. The others here are right - you have absolutely no right and should have no expectation to know the company you’re writing for - I typically don’t, and I’ve never thought to ask. We’re freelancers for a reason, the nature of our work is transactional. We’re the assassins of written content: get the job, do the job, move on. Don’t ask questions that aren’t necessary to get the job done.

Now if your concern is that this company/person will use the work you provided without paying you, that’s a completely different concern. Here’s how to see if your work is live on the web when it shouldn’t be, and how to set up alerts to get an email if it does show up:


I want to resolve this, I do have right to decline the cancel request and let the fiverr decide if its bad or good, the buyer is cursing me at this moment just because I delivered the revision he requested with Uniqueness proof that he said is SPUN which is not true.

I don’t know it all seemed fishy and that guy us now threatening me to order daily and cancel.

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The guy is using a UK account but not a real person, he keeps cusrinng and I can’t even share the things he said here…

He is official exposed and now saying that he will order daily and cancel daily and destroy my profile.

As uk100 said it would be a good idea to report them for black mail and cancel the order. Also I live in the uk and I don’t belive that it is illegal to to say the name of your company. I have a felling that the order is not legit and they are taking you for a ride so I would cancel the order and if they put negative feedback then ask about it and possibly report it. I hope that helped.

The guy is threatening to report my id, place order from new id and cancel order again and again.

I declined dispute and he showed his true colors. Now cursing in each talk and saying that he will get my id banned etc.

He is not even talking in English anymore, he is not even from UK.

Take screenshots of everything for your report to Fiverr CS.

Yes, report to CS as advised.

I think I smell a reseller. They can’t tell you the name of the business they work for because they don’t work there at all. they bought this job only to resell to someone else for less. They didn’t get a clear Brief of understanding of that the real client needs, just expect you to keep going until they get a paying client.

Hopefully CS Cancel with a no fault to you. Ask for that seeing their are being aggressive as no positive outcome is likely now.

Learn to spot the signs of these scummy people. Normally they can’t or won’t answer even the most basic Q about their project.

Remove any mention on your gigs of lots/unlimited revisions or 100% satisfaction as they use this to Rodger you.

Put up your prices - assuming your work quality is good.


Yes, I did and fiverr support cancelled the order and assured that they will take action against the buyer account. Support said we sanctioned the user. I provided complete details and everything that happened. Fiverr support also assured that if they try again with another account they will help again.

Order was cancelled by the fiverr and it did not affected any stats or cancellation rate.

Issue resolved, thanks to everyone and your tips.


Issue resolved by fiverr, buyer account sanctioned.


Sorry you had to deal with that ugly little bit of unpleasantness, my friend. I had a disgruntled buyer go similarly “off the wall” with me when I was dealing with an ongoing family problem and fell behind. They had sent me briefs from another seller (one that charged twice my rate!) to “fix” and got extremely aggressive, messaging at all hours with demands. When I granted their request to cancel their order, they continued to harass me, so I blocked them after after wishing them a polite best of luck. They got so mad they couldn’t continue to berate me after the order was cancelled that they found my professional site/blog and attempted to spam it with dozens of truly vile comments. :roll_eyes:

I am sorry for you too, that you had to go through this. This is the first time ever it happened to me. But I managed to take advice from this forum and I tried my best to get as much information as possible in front of the CS. The guy even threatened to order again and again daily just to cancel them.

The issue is resolved.

I am sorry that you had to deal with that, I hope your next order goes better than that. You took all the right steps to not get your account banned and take action against the user. I am glad Fiverr stepped up to the plate and showed some moderation on their platform to ultimately make it better for all people who use the site.