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Getting bored.. :/

This should help:
Search for “dogs” or “funny dogs” and you will be busy for weeks.


but I have earn money… no dogs… :expressionless:

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searching of funny dogs also wasting your time…

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So what have you been doing to get some orders?


its a question… :slight_smile:

Is there an answer?
8 days ago, you said this was the solution:

That clearly has not worked for you.
15 days ago, a very helpful seller tried to help you and tried to get you to help yourself but you did not do anything.

You can keep posting on the forum every couple of days but it will not help you.


Sellers don’t earn money by sitting around waiting for random orders. You can go promote your gig (which, yes, is a lot of work – but necessary), or you can sit around and complain, while all of your competitors work hard to “steal” your customers.

Do you want your competitors to win all of your customers? Or are you willing to get out there into the world – as any good business does – and compete for sales?

Inaction is a terrible business strategy.


So you are feeling bored but you want to earn and don’t want to look at funny cat/dog videos on youtube?

Well I have a perfect solution to get rid of your boredom:
Do something. Read through all the posts here at the forum, you might find some interesting information. Check out your competitor’s gig. Go online and learn about online marketing. Stuff like that. There’s always something you can do when you are bored.



OK, fine I get it you’re not a :dog2::poodle: person.



Well for starters you just joined Fiverr Feb 2018. You’re the new kid on the block amongst a :ocean: sea of sellers. It takes some sellers months to get the sales flowing in and keeping their heads above water.

Ask yourself these :fire: burning questions. :small_red_triangle_down:

What are you doing to generate more sales? Are you only relying on Fiverr as a main source of income? What makes you better than the rest? Have you taken the time to read through Tips for Sellers? Perhaps the UPYOUR series?


Not to scare the OP or anything, but I’ve seen sellers on the forum who said they got their first order after Years of waiting :eyes:

To OP: if all you want to do is wait and/or pray for orders, then you might as well prepare for a Youtube binge as it makes waiting easier, though I don’t recommend that course of action as it can have an impact on the :brain:

To everyone: waiting is dangerous - don’t try this at home! It’s best if you do something to get orders, and not wait or pray for them. Fiverr wants #doers - Fiverr didn’t grow because of boredom or because of prayers :sunny:

@wasifali44 you’ve been given some of the great advice on this thread, you should take it and not ignore it :slight_smile:


Youtube binge could be helpful at times, depending on how you use it.

I think “how to market your business online” might be a good Youtube binge.
I’ve never searched under that category myself, but I’m sure it will be helpful.


So true! I just searched myself, and it’s a lifetime of help & advice there! :grin:

I don’t understand this strategy at all. Whenever I read comments from users asking other users to pray for them to get more orders. I’m like :astonished:! Different strokes for different folks, however, I don’t roll like that. Generating multiple streams of income is always in my vocabulary. I just can’t sit on my lovely hands :nail_care:t4: not doing anything productive. For me, 24 hours isn’t enough time to get Sh!t done.


It’s probably a cultural thing.

Cultural not in the sense of “cultural preparation”, rather something that is inherited from customs, language, traditions. I assume good faith sometimes.

Something like: I came in a new place, I have no clue of it, I am the last one.
So greet me, help me, pray for me, give me your suggestions, I would like to hear from the experts and so on: because I’m in a position that I have to ask all the above.

When it is expected something like: first, I will figure out for myself, and then I will keep going.

No surprise that when others greet them or give them an answer, whether they’re expert or not, most of these people does not even bother to listen or reply: because it’s a ritual.


This is funny.
I can’t even remember when I was bored for the last time in my life.
There is always something to do.


Well, I do pray every now and then to the Fiverr gods.
I seriously do. In Japan we have the “8 million gods” so I’m sure the god of
Fiverrland is included in it, but I make sure though, that prayer is the last step.
I do everything I can first.
After that, when there is nothing left to do, THEN I pray.
It does work at times! :slight_smile:


OMG :flushed:

How do you keep up?

I pray too, but I would never come on here asking people to pray for me to mek sells.
It just doesn’t feel right, yanno. I mean if others are :ok_hand:t4: with it that’s fine. However, I understand miracles do happen, but I can’t sit & wait. :watch: time is a terrible thing to waste. :grin:
I would rather go on a :heart: romantic date, :shopping: or something.

'Cause they are looking for an instantaneous (money :moneybag: making) magic potion. They couldn’t careless about actually putting in the hard work or utilizing the tips offered.


Or actually reading the tips. It’s too much work, and too much work is boring.


I am also someone who prays for help when I need it, and I my belief system is a bit broad so a few million gods sounds good to me. :slight_smile: I have statues of deities from around the world and I think they remind me of things I can do to help myself. Like, I have a statue of a god who helps people with the strength to overcome obstacles. I have another statue off a goddess who is supposed to aid those who need wealth.

I can use “prayer” to direct my own energy. I ask for strength and help, and then I start trying to figure out why a thing in my life isn’t working well and how I can go around it, climb over it or break it down. Even watching dog videos might be part of the process if I need to calm down with a laugh before I get started on a hard promotion task! :fast_forward::running_woman::hammer_and_pick: