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Getting bored.. :/

I am also someone who prays for help when I need it, and I my belief system is a bit broad so a few million gods sounds good to me. :slight_smile: I have statues of deities from around the world and I think they remind me of things I can do to help myself. Like, I have a statue of a god who helps people with the strength to overcome obstacles. I have another statue off a goddess who is supposed to aid those who need wealth.

I can use “prayer” to direct my own energy. I ask for strength and help, and then I start trying to figure out why a thing in my life isn’t working well and how I can go around it, climb over it or break it down. Even watching dog videos might be part of the process if I need to calm down with a laugh before I get started on a hard promotion task! :fast_forward::running_woman::hammer_and_pick:


I’m pretty simple. Just one God. He created everything. He is a good God. He is waiting for us to ask him to help us. He wants us to be happy and blessed. If you don’t acknowledge him, he still loves you.


@landongrace Sounds good! I remember your story of when you first started on Fiverr. You tell it better than I do, but I remember that you set your bar high and told your family you were going to focus. Then you worked your rear end off to get it done and you have been quite successful! I’ve always admired your story. I am sure prayer was a big part of it since you sound like a spiritual person, and you also put in time and effort to help God help you. Good stuff! :+1:


Thanks. It’s encouraging that someone was listening. Thanks for saying something. I have been encouraged by what you have shared here and I am grateful for the time that you devote to this group.


yes you are right mam… :slight_smile:

Good to hear it, Sir! :sunglasses:

I’m always right LOLz, well most of the time. :sweat_smile:

Note: when you’re feeling sad, visit this HAPPY thread. :balloon:


This post is clearly made for undeserved attention.


Oh come on, what makes it undeserved?
Sometimes people just need people to notice them for a moment.

Even just a fleeting acknowledgement of someone’s misery can move some of the rain clouds ~ Alfred Pennyworth probably


Pray for a miracle :pray:

jonbaas you are always have a great suggestion :sunglasses:

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hehehe… thankyou… :smiley: