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Getting bugs on account and Fiverr CS not responding

Hello Fiverr community,

I have been having some issues with recently, which the following explains:

  • I am receiving notification alerts but not any actual notifications! As a result effecting my response rate.
  • I am unable to favorite Gigs.
  • My rating is not changing even though I have received many 5 star reviews in the last 60 days.
  • I have completed orders however it is still showing in Queue as uncompleted .
  • The notifications box is not opening on my mobile so I am unable to serve my customers properly when I am away from my desk.

My largest frustration is Fiverr Customer Support is not reponding to my complaint and issue - others must also be experiencing the same problem. I have submitted 2 tickets, and the CS rep has simply told me to reset Cache and clear cookie data… this is basic information which most of us are already aware of and frustrated of hearing.

The CS rep didn’t reply to my latest ticket.

Please, I urge the community to take action, so that Fiverr will fix this issues as soon as possible for everyone.

I’m very disappointed to say the least of CS not responding to my request for answers to these technical issues. Atleast they can do is achknowledge a problem rather than ignorance.

Kindest, Haseeb Ahsan


I have also same problem with my account.
I am always see the notification alert and when i open it nothing there and effect my response rate.
What is going on


@designdeck The Fiverr CS is not responding

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While there shouldn’t be bugs, the one you mention is not one that will prevent you from doing your work. Sometimes we have to just live with the bugs unless it stops you completely from being able to work so just ignore it.

The bug on your app is bad but you will just have to do your work from home.

How are you going to urge the community to take action? Your post here isn’t doing it.


@misscrystal Even though I am facing all of these issues, I am still working and giving my best, I have also read few more forum with the same issue and also my colleague are facing the same issue as me.

I have shared this post to multiplle social media sites, To put some presure on Fiverr so that they may fix these issues, But as you observed the Fiverr community is not doing much regarding this.

@misscrystal I am still working hard on Fiverr and try my best

I do all my work on my laptop and don’t use the app to do it and also I look continually throughout the day at my order page and messages on my laptop so I don’t have these problems.

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@misscrystal I also regular check my notifications and massages on fiverr every 5 minute or so.
Hence I know there is a bug in the notification, The problem is not that I don’t know if I am getting a message or notification. It is just that, It is effecting my response rate and fiverr should not have these kind of bugs.