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Getting Buyer Requests at night

Hello there, I’m new on Fiverr and I started my gigs less than a week ago, got my first order and completed it. Now, being a newbie I strongly depend on the buyer request section (it’s where I got my first client), and I noticed that after certain time (say 10pm more or less) I can’t get any updates on the page, and it stays without new requests until morning.
Now, my theory is that Fiverr knows that since here in Italy it’s night I should be sleeping, so sending any buyer requests to me would probably be useless since I wouldn’t even notice them.
But the problem is, I’m really a night person and I don’t go to sleep before 1 to 3 am, sometimes even later. So, is there any way I can fix the buyer requests schedule? Or they do actually appear also at night and I’m just unlucky and don’t get any?


Hey man, did you any way around this?? Facing same issue here

I think you have to also keep in mind that Buyers also sleep.

Take advantage of the downtime and work on improving your Gig.

Do some reading.

Read the Fiverr section in the Forum called Fiverr Tips.

Read the Fiverr Terms of Service.

Trying to be the first to get to a BR does not guarantee you the job.

Nor does being online 24/7.

Good luck.


Nope, I guess we just have to deal with it…

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