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Getting Charged Extra By Fiverr

Hi There,

I had an order of $30 which I delivered late, the order was automatically marked as complete today. When I saw the earnings, it should be $24 after deduction from Fiverr but it is $20. Can anyone please tell why I got charged extra by Fiverr and how I can resolve this?

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Zac Ahmed


I also want to know it.

I don’t think they would charge you extra for it regardless if it was late or not. Was it an order of $30 or was it initially $25 then there was a custom extra/tip of $5 added by buyer ?

It was initially $20 and later it was $10 extra for a custom order. But even after considering that, it should be still $24 and not $20.

It’s there, find the actual revenue on the revenue page and you will see above or below the $20, an order of $4 that corresponds to the same order. It’s usually listed separately if it isn’t placed at the same time (e.g. extra, tip).

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Of course I want to know about it!

I get it now, the payment for the initial order has been completed and the payment for the custom order is yet to be complete that’s why it only shows $20 and not the other $4. Thanks for your help!

Glad to be of help! :slight_smile:

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Check out the earnings tab for more details and clarification.

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