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Getting cheated and rather than money it hurts that cancel rate increased :(


Now order cancel rate increased + My hard work also gone and that too after 4 months :frowning:


Sorry to hear that…
Actually this scenario looks pretty unusual for a scammer as they (in 99% cases) don’t waste their time or risk the money, to tip someone that they are planning to scam and take that money back. :wink:



I don’t get why someone would do that. I thinks tips should be non refundable.

That’s just weird. :angry:


The only thing I can think of is a stolen card/paypal or the old “kid paid with parent’s card” where the owner of the payment source doesn’t even know what it was used for. I had to get my money back recently when someone hacked my pizza account and bought pizza and made a donation to St. Jude on my credit card. Sigh… Of course, I had to either claim the whole transaction as theft (which it was) or none of it.

I am sure there are also just scam buyer who do weird things, but I don’t understand the tip in that case so I’m out on that one!


Stolen or breached cc makes sense.


I think for such exceptional cases, like when there is a stolen CC, completion rate should not be affected. (I propose there should be a “NOT MY FAULT” button in case an order is cancelled, so fiverr team can check and restore the completion rate to its original, after checking the matter.
just saying lol


Never give up bro…try to working hard definitely you will get your success best wishes for you :point_right::point_right:


Sometimes we should justify the buyer with their way of talking and country


I have had this happened to me. Worst, he ordered another gig to give me 5$ tips. Strange, I know. Then chargeback happened. so I got TWO cancellation on an order by this man.