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Getting clicks and views but no order

I just published my first Gig yesterday, to my surprise my clicks and views have been increasing but I’m yet get an order. I need advice please


Very few people here are getting order quickly.

You need to create your gig according to fiverr terms
and you need to advertise your gig on social media,personal blog

A lot of work need to do


It will take sometime to get order.
Keep working hard.


I really appreciate your advice.
I will keep pushing.
Thank you!!!

Thanks, I’ll do as you advised.
I appreciate it.

How long has it been for you on Fiverr ? There are sellers who are more than 2/3 months old without any sale. Iam not trying to demotivate you but trying but please understand that it takes time to get your First Sale. It took me 1 and half month to do so… So patience is the key !


Okay, I got the message.
Thanks a mil…

There are many Gigs on Fiverr. If you want to stand out, you need to offer something unique/different and market it well via Social Media. Look out for some niches online

Is your gig is in fiverr search result?? If not please first optimize you gig and then definitely you will get the order.

To understand how to optimize your gig visit the link

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Alright, thanks. to you