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Getting Clicks and Views, but NO ORDERS! Help me please


This is the analytics of my gigs. Please help me improve my gigs :disappointed_relieved:


Sent buyer request cause you don’t have any feedback yet. So at first increase your feedback then buyer will trust you :slight_smile:


Wow…you have some really nice gigs. I wish I knew the magic formula but I will say you are not alone. There are many posts on the forum asking the same things.

There are normal solutions that most by now are aware of

  1. Tags
  2. Keywords in gig title
  3. Keywords in description
  4. Promote your gig
  5. Your Reviews and Feedback
  6. Rating
  7. Delivery time
  8. Etc

All of these things are fairly straight forward and for some it seems to work and for others they are still searching why it isn’t working for them. I could go on but if you do a search on Fiverr you will find many related posts that may help.

I wish you luck.


I already have, but no buyers respond :sweat:


Don’t worry bro, please be patience. Hope you will get order. But you should try to activate online BDT 4pm to 8am to use fiverr app.


Okay broh, I’ll try. Thanks for your suggestion. Btw, does the username of your effected on sells?


yes hopefully :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I know how it feels. Selling can be tough.

In any case, keywords I found were the major…well, key in selling.
for me, not many people come on here wanting non-personalized workout programs, so I went out of my way to stress why and how my programs are the best comparatively. And that’s what you’re going to have to do.
Why should someone choose your gig? Be sure to address that.

Aso…promote. I find that freelancer sites get quite competitive considering this is where the amateurs go to start gaining fame in whatever industry they’re pursuing, and as such, there’s more attempted selling than buying. So you’d probably have better luck trying to spread the word anywhere you can.

Aside from that, everything else is going to come down to time and luck.