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Getting Clients as a Nigerian Experience wordpress designer

I have been on fiverr since 2019 and honestly i have done almost everything when it comes to gig optimization, seo research for my gig title but it’s a been a struggling experience with no sales.

I did fiverr test for my wordpress skills and passed.

I realized this might be as a result of my Nationality, does this really affect?


Not at all!

I am sure you are mistaken as I have seen so many successful sellers from Nigeria! I am sure it is just a phase and you may feel that way atm but go through the forum and you will find loads of other sellers in the same boat waddling their way into the freelancing sea.

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Feel free to help review my gigs

Your rates are low. Have you been selling since you joined Fiverr?

The good thing is all your clients left feedback!

Keep responding to buyer requests, create a portfolio website, stay active on LinkedIn, etc.

Work on tips from the forum as well, you will find new ways to promote yourself.

You mean my gig prices?