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Getting confused with the flood of active buyer request

Hi, I am a level one seller and gotten my badge recently. here is the situation, I find a flood of active buyer requests in the buyer request “active” tab. it started happening since I got the badge! I can find 800+ active buyer requests on daily basis in the “active” tab and most of them are repeated requests or very old requests which seems to be very unusual! I donno it’s normal or weird. anybody out there to tell me what’s exactly happening? Thank you


I went L1 this cycle too. Initially I thought, oh cool, finally access to better buyer requests, until I realized it is simply that they do not Drop Off like they did before.

No more BR, they just hang around stinking the place up with their stinkiness. Sorry I meant extreme professionalness.

Oh yes I want to remake endless Trailer Swift or Drunke songs by ear exactly the same only different enough to not cause a copyright strike you insentient fool - go look at the Katy Perry-Flame case and see how well Katy did with that method. I want to get sued for earning $4 for 10 hours of work. I like it rough. yes I want to write your whole musical: words, melodies, backing, 12 vocalists, orchestra over 6 months for $58. I will have plenty of time in jail from all those copyright breaches. Being in jail will help me to understand all the Rap e culture stuff I need to mix for 8-10 hours a track for $12 that I really had no personal ability to understand before. Now I have first-hand experience in being bent over a hotplate for the jollies of some wannabe thug who don’t got no rspekt.

Yeah, business as usual so you really only need to look at the ones on the top of the list.


understood. Thank you for your quick help. :grinning: :grinning: