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Getting customers outside of fiverr


Why isn’t it open to people outside of fiverr? What’s the point of sharing the gig if they have to sign up to order ? Alot of ppl dont want to do that. So our gigs are really only for the fiverr community? How do I reach more ppl?


They will be promoted to sign up for Fiverr once they click the order button or try to contact you.


That’s not what you say.
Think from the buyer’s point of view


The whole point of sharing is to attract customers and get gigs.forcing someone to join us a barrier to that.


I believe that Fiverr is also an ambitious company and want to grow as well. Just as we want more clients, they are trying to grow their member base.


How would it work if buyers won’t become members?
Buyers have to log in to accept orders, download their digital content, request revisions when need etc

Besides it would be much easier for them to become your repeat customers. What’s wrong with that?

I’m not sure about this one. The signup process is really simple and filling out 1-2 extra fields is not an issue. I’ve brought plenty of people here myself and none of them complained about signup process.


Well what about ppl who want to support your business but not sign up? They should have this option available. I understand building your business.


How would you process the orders if they don’t sign up?


Well if you don’t want people to sign up for fiverr. You can just sell your service from your own website without fiverr. It’s up to you to attract customer, buy advertising, set your own price, create the back-end etc. More freedom! But good luck attracting customers.

In contrast, Fiverr is sending traffic to sellers page even when we don’t promote it out side of Fiverr. I think it’s a fair deal. You can’t just utilize all the facilities on Fiverr for nothing. All those sign ups can turn to repeat customers. The customer that anyone bring can be any sellers potential customer.


It’s not that I dont want them to sign up . The potential customers dont!.


I understand what fiverr is doing just a bit frustrated I will try to market a different way.


I think signup is not a big problem there will be a financial transaction.


There should be an option to buy as a guest that’s all I’m saying


I’m saying their should be an option to buy as a guest.


Fiver will not do this as customer to purchase as a gust without opening a account.

Coz without a account if any one processing any purchase and even if they violated any terms then fiver can not take actions agains them due to they are not having a account.

Just a simple example:
Just imagine if any buyer purchased from you and once you delivered as described then the customer got the delivery and if he cancel the order or even the order marked as completed and revived they can cancel through the pay pal. Then where you can complain? Such many incidents happened and when complained to fiver they have refunded to the seller.


Opening an account is pretty easy. But if they’re not willing to open an account and you’re talking to them outside of Fiverr in the first place, why not just do business with them outside of Fiverr?


I’m just wondering how the ordering process would be handled if you don’t have an account. I know there are eCommerce sites that support guest checkout, but Fiverr is providing services. I think guest checkout would just complicate things.


My opinion: Fiverr not a place for its a place for Buyer and seller so every body should sign up.




If people are not going to sign up there will not be Buyer’s protection unless they were to implement it into the ordering process which takes more time, and as someone said in here too, Fiver wants to grow too.

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