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Getting customers to choose which portfolio image


I’m hoping someone can help me with my live portfolio. When I deliver a project to a customer, it usually has multiple png files of different doodles. However I usually create an extra png file that displays all the images in one, and sized correctly for my portfolio. Even when I deliver I suggest to the customer that should they choose to allow the art to be displayed on my portfolio, to choose the display picture I made. Now the problem is, even with that, the majority completely ignore me and seem to choose any other picture par that one. Having a look at my competitors, they don’t seem to have that problem at all and I cannot work out why?

Now my questions are:

a) Do customers actually get to decided WHICH image gets displayed on my portfolio?

b) If not, how do I get it so if they allow the art to be displayed, that it chooses a specific image that I want it to.

I only ask this as my portfolio is just starting to look messy now, and I’d rather my customers either displayed the certain pictures or not displayed them at all. Not that I’m not happy with what I’ve provided them, but I want my Fiverr to look as professional as possible.



I have the same doubt!

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You could try delivering all of the images in a zip file, but including one png/jpeg file along with your delivery, which would be the image you want in your live portfolio. Then, all you have to concern yourself with is whether or not the client will allow the image to be added to your live portfolio.


I did try doing that, but 2 of the customers complained because they didn’t know how to open it :upside_down_face: and demanded I sent them the files individually aha