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Getting Customers to Communicate Before Placing an Order

Overall I’ve really enjoyed Fiverr as a service for me to sell my art, but my biggest frustration is when clients place orders in the odd hours of the morning and/or place an order for something I would have liked to discuss with them first. I know I’ve gone through all my gig’s and placed the classic “Please Contact Me Prior To Ordering” at the top of every gig. But I find that doesn’t exactly help.

However, recently I recommended to another user, and started doing this myself upon realizing it was an option another method to promote communication from potential buyers.

Basically, using the “requirements” section of my gigs I added an additional section asking “Have you contacted me prior to ordering?” with a simple yes or no selection option. I found that this has been the most successful method thus far to get customers to message me before placing an order or waiting until a more reasonable time of day to place the order! Hopefully this really simple suggestion helps more people!!



I just looked at a couple of your gigs, and your art is very cool! I have learned that buyers will be enamored with the product they want based off of the gig video/images, so much so that they will just click the order button to get it ASAP.

In order to solve this, I would recommend bolding, highlighting, and ALL CAPSing the “Please contact me before ordering” so it is much harder to miss. I am sure that will prevent lots of these issues. It may also be worth it to add this message in the “FAQ” Section… I would put it at the top so they have the greatest chance of seeing it.

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There’s no way to make buyers do that. The only thing you can do is beef your requirements and gig description up as much as possible and pray that buyers give you enough detail or are considerate enough to message you first.

In my case, I found that when I started charging more, buyers were more likely to contact me. They’ll click on $10 much quicker than $75, you know?


Oh yeah totally! This was more of like a suggestion than an absolute solution. I wish there was an absolute solution, but after a few weeks of testing this method I found that it at least helps!

Thank you so much! These are fantastic ideas!

There is!
Add a bold italic message in the top of the gig description., and then everyone will message you first! That worked for me.
From the last 50+ order, there was only 2 direct orders, others were custom offers.

What I’m saying is that the buyer can ignore your message and order anyway. So, no, there isn’t.

Yes, it worked for you, but not everyone has the same buyers, if you work in a completely different field buyers may be completely different, most people don’t message first in a lot of fields.

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Then you upgrade the order or cancel.

That’s irrelevant. There is no way to force buyers to contact you before they order.

thank you for tip :star_struck:

Hello there,i am a beginner in fiverr. And thank you for the tips.

Thats great to know as i am newbie

I am glad CONTACT BEFORE ORDERING, added on top of my gigs helps for me. Most of the orders what i get 97% are contacted me before placed.