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Getting customers with 0 audience beforhand

Hey guys, so I think I’m very skilled with WordPress and I’m offering a pretty good deal (PREMIUM THEME for just 5$) just to get some reviews but I have literally zero orders. I don’t have following on social media to promote to, so how am I supposed to get any customers? Thank you so much.


This is business. You need to do your homework before you start selling. Did you study your competitors? Do you who your target customers are? Do you know basic marketing techniques?

Also, it is important to note that Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to put in effort in order to gain clients.

99% of people on here don’t have a following on social media. That is not necessary to get success on Fiverr. You need to offer a quality service and market your gigs effectively.

You also only have 4 minutes of read time on this forum, so I suggest you read some of the great tips shared here. There are years worth of content to go through.

Here are some threads to get started:

Good luck.


Thank you for the advice. Yes I have some business knowledge and I did try to optimize my gig as much as possible. I’m offering a pretty good deal, I’m using good photos, a video, an eye grabbing color for the main picture, and overall SEO of the listing is good as well. I, however thought that Fiverr was gonna promote the gig themselves. Or what’s the point of using it if I have to get a client myself? like why don’t I just use my personal website? I’m not trying to be mean to the platform I just don’t understand it very well. Thank you for your time! I’m about to check the threads you mentioned.

If you already have your own site, the only point is the (questionable) safety net of having a 3rd party hold the funds to be paid. If you have your own site, then yeah, promote that.

If you have a video, it shows that in the search results, not whatever image you put as your main. You also need to set the right moment in the video to be the thumbnail, too.

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Okay that makes sense! thank you for the help.