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Getting demoted over Review Modification

Here’s the deal.

The buyer obviously had issues with his app.

If I knew that even mentioning this to him I would be demoted I wouldn’t of said anything.

His initial desire was to give me a 5 star review and he made that very clear by his comments

of “awesome and great job”. He gave me a 1.7 star.

The only reason I contacted him regarding the rating was a desire to be fair to him and give him a 5

star review as a buyer because I had a good experience with him. I did not want to give him a bad

review myself because of the odd rating. If he gave me a bad rating because

I clearly didn’t satisfy or meet his expectations then I would accept it.

I’m suprised that I’ve been demoted because of this experience. My intention was not to manipulate anything.

He also gave me a screen shot. The screen shot clearly shows that he gave me a 5 star review and is having problems with the Fiverr app.

If he didn’t have a problem with the Fiverr bugs with the Fiverr app. It would of never happened.

I reached out to Fiverr in good faith only to be unfairly demoted. If someone says great job and gives you a 1.7 star rating. Don’t ask questions, or you could be accused of Violating the terms of service and be demoted if you address Fiverr’s problems with their app with another buyer.


Hey Will, I’ve had a similar experience a while back wherein I got a one star but the review was “wonderful job, great seller” and I simply asked the buyer as to why the rating was one star but was not in line with the review she left, she said she didn’t know it resulted that way and that her rating was supposed to be 5 stars, I contacted Customer Support back then and they simply adjusted it to the 5 stars.

I wouldn’t know as to exactly why you would have been demoted because of that especially when you just wanted to clarify things and asked in good faith. I’m sorry this happened to you. :frowning:

I’m sorry this happened, maybe you can regain your level soon. Did you look at your analytics page to see if there was anything that might show why you got demoted? Based on what you described here, it’s possible you got a warning for discussing the review with the buyer. It can be really difficult to do that without getting in trouble under current policies. Even though it is really hard to accept a review that doesn’t make sense, I avoid even mentioning reviews to buyers at all under the current process.

The spots you might check on your analytics could be anything but I’ll point out the most likely ones. If these aren’t in green, they could have been demotion reasons:

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I had a previous warning a few months back that was unrelated to anything here.ISo this was warning #2. That’s probably why I got demoted. Just finding that out now. You can’t say anything about reviews ever. If I’m not mistaken, this term of service is very new. If I knew how big of a deal they have made this I would of never said anything to the buyer. The buyer is the one who initally said, hey let me go back and give you a 5 star review. I simply agreed with that and that’s considered “manipulating the buyer”.

Ugh…this isn’t fair…I would contact support again and ask for someone who is reasonable to read your message. Sometimes you have to get the right person at CS with an open mind.

I will be honest and I will agree with this, somehow I feel as though there are some CS reps that are more thoughtful and do not give a canned response. [I actually have a favorite CS rep as well hahaha, I’m always glad if it’s that particular CS rep that gets my ticket because he handles things so well and politely.]

The exact thing happened to me a few days ago, even the exact 1.7 and the customer telling me the fiverr app was not letting her give me 5 stars, as she always does. She also gave a glowing review in her feedback. It seems to be a glitch, and seems so unfair to all concerned. I hope someone does fix this as we are all evaluated on this and it should be correct.

They’ve taken my 20 gigs down to 10. I paused 10 as they give me 48 hours. Will you ever get those 10 back when you move up levels or do you have create them all over again.

I don’t know. Perhaps someone who has been in that position can answer. My guess would be that those gigs are just paused, not lost,but it’s only a guess.

Found out it’s just paused :slight_smile:

It’s a beast to be demoted …views are in the toilet

Complete and total crap. I’m completely disappointed with Fiverr lately.

I’ve been a loyal seller and soldier but in the last few months they’ve completely changed for the worse.

They apparently forgot who brung 'em to the dance. It wasn’t buyers. It was sellers.

Common sense is out the window.