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Getting Depressed with How Orders Are Going at the Moment!


I’m having a bit of a rough time on Fiverr right now. :frowning:

I have several orders, but either:

  1. Buyer has not responded with initial instructions.

  2. Buyer has responded with initial instructions but is not responding further and I cannot get started.

  3. Awaiting mutual cancellation.

    … nothing is going good! I don’t have one single order that is going well right now. :’(

    I’m just getting a bit depressed. Someone cheer me up? LOL


I’m sorry things aren’t going well for you, ProHelper. :frowning: This too shall pass.


Aww c’mon chin up we all have days like this, grab a cup of tea, breath and relax !


Atleast you’re getting an order instead of nothing.


It is frustrating and I have had several orders like that in recent days, people not reading my gig description, not responding or replying with something that has nothing to do with my family tree gig… its frustrating… Keep your chin up @prohelper27 you will be ok

petrosianii said: This too shall pass.

Isnt that supposed to be "THIS WILL NOT PASS!!!!"...... oh...wait, wrong movie.