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Getting desperate, what am I doing wrong?

Hello there everyone!

I hope you’re doing great and everything is going as planned :slight_smile:

I was wondering, what am I doing wrong?
It’s been over a month on Fiverr and still nothing?
I tried getting the word out for my gigs on the internet, tried the “Buyer request” (not going to talk about the ones who don’t reply or start a conversation and then leave you with nothing at the end …) and still nothing, no orders …
Can someone please, help me to figure it out?

Here’s my profile on Fiverr:

Thank you in advance, and have a great day :slight_smile:!

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So this is my personal opinion, not sure if it will help, but here it goes:

When I clicked on your link and saw the images, my VERY first reaction was
“WOAH!” And yes, I did say that out loud.
You have a great smile, but for some reason that sample image did surprise, even scare me a bit?? Maybe it’s the lighting and how the face is filling up the whole frame. The other image with you wearing the oxygen mask looked strange…
especially what you are offering is translation. That image might work if you are offering a prank/joke gig.

Also, I DO understand that FR and ENG is French and English, but you might want to spell the whole word out.

Lastly, maybe create a video of yourself speaking in the 2 languages.
That will convince people that you have the right skills. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your quick reply! :smile:
I’ll see what I can do for that for sure!

You are very welcome :slight_smile:
I myself offer translation gigs too, and in my case I did’t use a video, but
I did make sure that people can somewhat tell that I do know that language.
I typed some Japanese in the description, and also added some lines in Japanese
in my sample images. I also made sure that I chose lines that did not look like they
were Google translated, in other words made it sound as natural as possible.

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Hi,i think u r going to be DOC,i heard on the forum itself.a seller over here means on fiverr.he s also a doc,doinf some articles on medical themes .and he said he s doing very well on fiverr as there r not much competition in this field.i hope u can find him.and have a talk.might help u.

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Thanks a lot :’)

Agree with everything @zeus777 advised. Buyers are looking for a professional translation service and your wacky gig images will definitely put them off.

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