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Getting discouraged

I had a couple of harsh (to me at least…) reviews and one buyer request a refund so I initiated mutual cancellation as they said they would not accept a redo. I am not doing anything different than I did before except I fell pretty behind… Now that I am just about caught up though, my motivation is disappearing because I keep getting all these discouraging reviews all the sudden… I dropped from 99% positive rating to 94% in one day from two reviews! I just don’t know what to do here… My resume writing style has not changed and I feel like suddenly the buyers got extremely picky about what they are getting for $5… I spend way more than $5 worth of time on the projects too…

Anyone else felt this way while working on projects? How do you get past it and keep going? Because right now I am feeling like even though I have all these orders, I just don’t want to keep going because I feel like they will all hate my work like the last three… I want to love my Fiverr business like I did when I started and it’s only been two months… Please, any advise or stories is greatly appreciated…

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Yeah. Definitely watch out for those deadlines. Be sure you can meet them, because the consequences of late deliveries can be disappointing – depending upon the buyer. Most buyers expect delivery within the time frame you set in your gig. Some of those buyers might be understanding if your reason for late delivery is valid. All-in-all, though, you’re best working to make sure you finish all work within the time-frame of the gig.

If you continue getting nice reviews that negative review you have will have no influence by time. In the beginning, I got some bad reviews, mostly because people just didn’t understand my gigs or in few cases seems like some of the competitors did it with intention. I didn’t bothered a lot with that and now after 2500 positive reviews that 5 negative ones do not impact anything. Stats say that I can get even 7 more negative reviews and still be 100% :smiley:

So don’t bother with that but try to avoid it. And don’t give to your sister to help you as I did so in one period I had like 4-5 missed deadlines :smiley:

Reply to @kjblynx: I had endless amounts of work on my research gig, but at the same time I got… endless ridiculous requests. Never again. The buyers that understood time is money were great. Those that wanted me to do literally like… 5 to 10 hours of research for $5… no thanks. I may open it up again if Fiverr ever gives us an option to only let selected buyers into a particular gig. Apparently the “Contact me before buying!” wasn’t clear enough in bold and at the top of the gig.

It’s always confusing to me how someone can hate anyone’s work for $5 when earlier in the same day they probably spent $5 on some random fast food or something silly at the grocery store for the same price. The best thing you can really do is just continue working. If anything, reduce your time investment and take the “hit” so to speak aka mutual cancellations when you can(Especially on those orders where you’ll have a late delivery as those are more or less permanent since it’s automated where-as with buyer feedback you have a chance to remove it.). It’s better in the long-run simply as you tend to rank better and get more exposure resulting in more consistent orders.

Harsh revues will happen occasionally, if you can’t avoid them with mutual cancellations, then don’t take them personal. Some buyers are nasty, some will tell you that you write like a 12-year-old, or that they could have done this themselves (which they never do). You can’t please everyone.

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Reply to @fastcopywriter: The ones that amuse me most is when they bash the writing, then they go and put the content up on their page anyways and of course I am the one who has to go through the effort to report them(In regards to those that request refunds.)

Naysayers will always be there, life is too short to bother about them. Just be focussed and keep marching forward. If you feel your quality may be dropping, take a break and let the creative juices come back.

All the best :slight_smile:

Reply to @freelancemm: So what happens after you report them? Do you get your money back? Do they get banished from Fiverr? Us writers are not an appreciated species. But to be fair, art directors and designers also get a lot of heat as well.

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I feel the same way I asked a buyer to cancel his order yet instead he just complained about the lateness of the order and posted a negative review. Now I only have 90 % positive rating and 4.5 stars! I always prided myself in perfect ratings:(

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I decided to omit the additional things I said as I went into a bit too much detail in regards to it. Don’t want to derail the topic too much.

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@candoanything5 I understand completely! I was so proud of it! The 4.5’s that knocked me down to 98, then 99% made me sad, but I just tried harder.

I am doing the same now after reading all these posts. Thank you all so much for the support, I really did need it! Between you guys and my boyfriend, I feel much better about all this and have been doing my best to deliver new orders on time and catch up on those few that went past due! (In these cases, I am still waiting on answers to questions from the buyer’s so I wouldn’t think they were upset about it being late… But you never know, they may be anyway…)

Y’all are awesome, thanks for helping me get my motivation back! :slight_smile: I’m still a little behind, but I will get caught up and get things running smoothly again, I just gotta keep truckin’ away at it.

Try not to think too much about it, keep trying and eventually the positive reviews and orders will outweigh those negatives and cancellations. You can do it!

I just noticed, you need to update the description in your profile. You say you are a level 1 seller but I see you are now level 2 . Yay!

Reply to @padfootliveson: Hi,

Sorry to hear about your poor experience. Like you, I also write resumes, and I agree that you can get some really harsh buyers. What a lot of people fail to understand is that their personal taste doesn’t dictate whether they get the job or not.

My way of combating abusive and fraudulent buyers is to ALWAYS deliver the resume as a locked PDF file. I then send the following message with the delivery:

"This stage is used for you to inform me of any tweaks or amendments you would like made to the resume. Once I’ve gained your approval that everything is to your liking, I will forward on the fully editable Microsoft Word document"

This does two things:

A) Prevents buyers from taking advantage of you when they have received the finished product (endless modification requests and eventual refund requests)

B) Ensures the buyer receives a resume to their liking, which in turn guarantees a positive review (you only send the editable version once they’re happy, so there is no way they can justify a negative review afterwards)

I hope this helps!

Thanks guys! I am really trying to keep myself going with this, I honestly want to be able to do this full time soon, I love Fiverr. (I am also not the sole income in my home, and I plan to ask my employer to drop my hours to part time after Christmas probably, to see how it works out. I keep getting called in and working OT and it makes it hard to keep up with orders.)

I just can’t help but hate seeing this 93% on my profile right now. I am trying my best to satisfy all my customers so that I can get that rating back up to where it was. I just feel like it is going to take a very long time. And thanks for reminding me about my profile, I completely forgot about it saying Level 1!

I will say that I have decided to keep moving forward no matter how irritating some people may be, because in the long run my day job makes me so much angrier than this ever could. Plus, on those random times when I get two days in a row off and get to work here on Fiverr and not go into work, I am such a happier person.

Just gotta keep at it and work hard, right? :slight_smile:

Also, @mrproofreading thanks for the suggestions! How do you turn the word doc into a pdf? I can’t say I’ve done that before.

I know exactly how that feels! You just burn out sometimes. When I get discouraged, I schedule myself a day off–even if it’s just a Sunday. I force myself not to click into Fiverr, even to answer messages and actually do something fun, again, even if it’s just binge-watch Gilmore Girls. The next day I usually feel like I can charge ahead, after having a day where I just did nothing.

Also, I’d say really don’t stress about a 93% rating. I think the atmosphere of Fiverr is changing. With star ratings, keeping a perfect 100% is nearly impossible, especially for new sellers. Like on other websites that work on a five star system (like Amazon, for example), people are still going to be willing to purchase from someone who has a high rating, even if it’s not 100%. Hopefully buyers are starting to understand that especially under this rating system, not having 100% is both acceptable and expected.

I think I am doing that most of Thursday (I have a dentist appointment and lots of fillings getting done >.<) so I don’t plan on being online much and I’m definitely not going in to work. That will definitely be my lazy day for the week. I almost never get an actual Saturday or Sunday off at my job, those are actually usually my longest shifts. But as long as I actually have a day off, I try not to complain too much…

I really hope you are right about the ratings! I was so, so proud of having 100% for so long that seeing it just drop points every day for what seemed like a horrible week was just insanely upsetting. I hope you are right and that this doesn’t too badly affect my orders. I really do like being able to say I have almost too many orders, I mean, it’s not the worst problem I could have, right? :slight_smile:

So, my boss did not agree right away with giving me part-time. He continued to schedule me insane hours and I had to fill in at a store in the next town over for part of a week. This put me so far behind in orders that I had many late (still have a couple because I’ve gotten no response out of the buyer but don’t want them to send it back after I deliver it… :/, should I deliver these anyway?) also a few canceled orders… This all dropped my rating down to an 86% and I am so, so sad about it…

I changed the delivery time but not until after I was way too behind… I’m caught up now and changed my delivery time back to normal now that I’ve hopefully gotten through to my employer about part-time (hes scheduled me down two weeks in a row, hopefully it keeps up.) but now my question is this: Realistically, how long will it take to bring my rating back up to even a 90%? Even that would be better than this pathetic feeling I get with an 86%… I really, really want to give this a good shot, I want to make this something and I know I can do it now that I have the time to devote to it… But I feel like I may never get that rating back up to where it needs to be to get sales like I was…

Any suggestions on how to go about this? Should I be self-promoting more since I won’t come up as high on the Fiverr search list? What do I doooo?

:confused: I’m just so sad, I was so proud of my Fiverr business and I want to see it growing and moving forward again and this feels like a huge step back thanks to a crazy week and not enough hours in the day!

Sorry also, if this seemed like a bit of a rant at the real world. In a way, I suppose it sort of is…

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I am feeling pretty discouraged at the moment too. I fell behind too and my ratings were badly affected. Then I got what seemed to be a great order; unfortunately it was too good to be true.I had alreasy partially completed the work and shown it to the buyer. They then claimed that I didn’t speak English as a first or even second language and said they wanted to cancel. So frustrating. I probably should have stuck it out and delivered but I couldn’t face the hassle. :frowning: