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I previously used to work with my other ID. However, I created a new account to offer other services. Unfortunately, when I tried to sign in using Fiverr, it showed an error - ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

The account is working fine on my smartphone and I am using the same WiFi on both devices.

Having more than one account is against the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I read it already. The main one is managed by the team. However, I’ve created this one for my personal freelancing services.

Update your browser , and try by clearing your cache & cookied, hope issue will be fixed.


Hi @wp_kid

Thanks for helping but I’ve already tried that. Could there be any issue with the Google Chrome Extensions?

So it’s ok to have one for the team and then your own personal account?

Did you try in Firefox? If still an issue contact support.

Why is everyone so bothered about my accounts? I don’t even use the team account. I am actually trying to stand up on my legs by starting my freelancing services.

Because I was wondering if we are allowed to have a team account and a personal account. If you don’t use the team account you should probably close it down.

My team uses it to get new clients. I didn’t own it.

Anyway, do you have a solution for the error?

Hey, The err_spdy_protocol_error are sometimes caused due to security problems and stored cookies in your Browser. Try clearing that up and flushing your DNS afterwards.

It has nothing to do with Fiverr’s website. If that fix doesn’t work, there are tonnes more on these links that can help.

The issue is only with your Browser so better focus on it.

Also, having two accounts is strictly against the policy. So, you should either change your email in the team account or leave it.


Thanks for the fix @drakegraham. I will surely check them out. Also, I would remove my association from the team account effective immediately.