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Getting error while adding FAQ


I see below error when I try to add FAQs in Gig. Is there any limit to number of FAQs we can add? Or what does this error denote which says “Gig service updater error Please try again later. In case the issue persists, contact our support team.”

Can anyone guide me please?


It’s been a few hours. Does the problem persist?


Yes, I checked after few hours plus everyday and today too after 3 days the problem still persist.

Do you have any idea about whether we can add upto 10 FAQs and more? Or limit to number of FAQs allowed?

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I’m pretty sure ten is the limit.

Have you tried a different browser, or clearing your cookies/cache?


Yes, 10 maximum FAQ should be the case. but in that case, shouldn’t we receive message saying something about maximum number of FAQs limit reached?

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My question is…did you contact the Fiverr Support Team as the error message suggests?

Just wondering.

I’d start there if I had that error message.


I haven’t so far as I thought that it might already on Forum here. But I guess, I will be reaching out to support now. Thanks !

If it’s one of your gigs where you already have 10 FAQ questions and you’re trying to add a new one it’s probably just a bad message and it won’t really be worth contacting CS unless you want them to get the developers to change the message/add a new message for that case, since like was said above, 10 really is the maximum FAQ questions you can have for a gig.

Though you could contact them if it’s one of your gigs where you have less than 10 FAQs as that might be a bug if it’s still not letting you add one.

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Yes, it’s maximum of 10 gigs allowed. I tested it at my end