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Getting everything except sale


I got 1.2k + impression.
100+ clicks.
99+ views
just in 26 days after making gig .But sad thing is that I do not get single sale how.


Perhaps you need to wait another 26 days… maybe even a few months. Fiverr does not guarantee any sales or success to anyone, merely because people host gigs here. It is not Fiverr’s responsibility to bring you sales. YOU need to do that on your own through good, strong, creative marketing and promotion.

Your gigs are your responsibility.

Your high impressions indicates that people are searching for your gig services. Your clicks and views indicate that people are looking at your gig, however, it would appear that what they see when they look at your gig does not convince them to hire you. If you want more sales, perhaps it would be wise to study your target customers, learn more about what they need, and then better design your gig to provide those services.

You need to build trust if you want sales. You also need to be offering the services your target customers need. If you can improve these two areas of your gigs, you might start to see more sales.


Don’t be impatient .just keep stay,one day will shine


Thanks sir …


Thanks sir…