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Getting Exposure and Selling on Fiverr


I am having such a hard time getting exposure and selling on Fiverr. Any suggestions or ideas… (if you wish to check out my gigs)…



hi luisblandon! I noticed here on that you need to bash your brains out in sending/promoting all your gigs in basically all known social media sites like facebook. I’m also having a hard time on exposing my gigs but most of the advice from other members includes tweeting,facebook promotion something like that. hope this works for you :slight_smile:


Your military and hair loss research gigs could benefit by doing some light search engine optimization on them. The idea behind it is to use tools such as ones Google and others provide to determine the best fitting highest traffic but low to medium competition keywords for your gig. From there, you can actually get some SEO provided by numerous people for your gig pages specifically here on Fiverr and bam, orders. Check out here for a more clear idea of what I am talking about from a seller that does what I am referring to but more in-depth,

@hobby_buddy I have yet to promote in any kind of social media page other than some light stuff that I know didn’t help me garner any real sales. SEO is where it’s at if you want to get the yield you want.



I appreciate it…



@freelancemm yeah,i should believe you on that. I did some revisions on my gigs. I just finished today man. Like yesterday i have 7 gigs and today i only have one. I do voice overs,i m doing it for almost 2 or 3 years now,data entry in any kind,video commercials,presentations,advertisements,fan signs,billboards anything I could think off actually. I tried to sell those gigs but I am having a hard time in getting mt sales up.