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Getting featured in Huffpo?


Dear friends.
as you likely know there are several Fiverr sellers who promise to get featured in online magazines such as Huffington Post and many others.
Does anyone here have a specific experience with this sellers. Can you really get your article featured in Huffington Post online and in print? Is it possible that these are scams?


What do their reviews say?


Many of the reviews are vague.
It is possible to fake reviews by controlling different accounts, so I am not confident I trust them.

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Ask them for a link to an article or two of theirs they got featured.


I’m not sure how you can tell Huffington Post what to publish.

I just now looked at those gigs. These people can barely write a sentence.
Yet they claim to be a “guest contributor”. If they can’t even write correctly I doubt they write articles for Huffington Post.

For example one gig says this:
“What does mean of the Dofollow post?
Mean Google can read this post”

Another seller writes:
“I am offering this High Authority backlinks for Crazy price limited time only.”

And another one:
"Hello! am a professional Journalist and writer with Years of Experience at your service! "

Obviously they do not write articles for this publication.


I was asked this some time back on another platform and so I checked it out back then.
These gigs tend to post your article on HuffPost’s “contributor platform” which is separate from Huffington Post. The contributor platform is not indexed by Google and so your post there will not show up in search results and also, crucially, it will be a no-follow link (regardless of what the seller claims).
Now, some people may like the idea of being able to share their article with a HuffPost link, it may look impressive to your existing fans, followers etc, so the service is not completely pointless. In terms of link/SEO value, it would be more worthwhile to just share your article on LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook as all of these are indexed by Google. It still isn’t a massive SEO boost to do this but done regularly, it can be effective in establishing credibility and a following.
Of course, you could do what some do and use the HP contributor platform and share those links on your social media - you might find that people are more likely to click on a HP link than a link to your own less well known blog/site.
There is no harm in experimenting and seeing what works for you.


I did that
They sent me a link to an article, but anyone could have written that article