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Getting Fed Up for not having orders

Time Spending…
What more should I do?
Not getting any order… :expressionless: :expressionless:




Yeah, I’m in a similar position. Do not fret, as long as you’re sure you’re doing everything right, there will be results. Always remember that positivity is everything, Cheers :clinking_glasses:


yes true, you should do a research bit about getting orders, there always tricks for such things, efficient work is much better then hard work. i can give you a brief authentic summery on ways of selling better on fiverr.


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts.

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The one question I always ask struggling sellers (that they can never seem to answer), is ‘why should anyone hire YOU, instead of the tens of thousands of other sellers?’

Nowhere on your gigs do you answer that question. There’s nothing about your gigs that would make me hire you instead of anyone else. In fact, because your description is written in pretty poor English (I get that English isn’t your native language, so respect to you for giving it a go - but this is an English site so your grasp of the language probably needs to be a bit better), I would assume that I would struggle to communicate with you, and would likely pick a seller with lots of reviews instead - they’re only marginally more expensive in your niche.

And, I hate to say this - but how much Data Entry work do you think there is on Fiverr? Most companies that need someone to do laborious Copy/Paste work just hire in a temp to do it. Data protection laws mean that most businesses with this kind of work won’t be able to just outsource it to a random person on the internet. I had a quick look, and the top sellers in the niche don’t appear to be that busy, especially when compared with niches like writing/audio/video etc.

I really think you need to re-think your offerings. What else can you do, besides copy/paste? Can you edit video or audio? Can you develop apps? Can you build websites? Look at the services available across all of Fiverr, and see if you can do any of them. I would go right back to the point of identifying a skill, and looking for a way to capitalise on that skill, rather than trying to compete in what is essentially, a niche with not a huge amount of demand, but an overwhelming amount of competition.

Same here, trying everything but still not getting the results… Last month was amazing but July seems to be worst…

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last few week same as you. I think need to patient. Nothing to doing anything without it.

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