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Getting fed up of fiverr

Really, I am very sad right now. Order completion rate at 92% overall stat at 4.8 about 3 days ago, now 4.7 stat, order completion 90% when I have done no single order since this week, but done jobs this month and gotten 5 stars from them. What is happening, this their system is very bad or is it a bug? Should I contact support…?

its really unfortunate. You should contact to CS.

I think you should contact CS and tell them what happened to you.

order completion rate depends on your 2 months orders average.



Their system is not bad and it’s not a bug.

It’s an average ratio calculated over the period of 60 days. And orders that you completed over 60 days ago is not taken into account anymore. (3 days ago they were accounted in the statistics but not anymore and therefore your statistics also down)


@mariashtelle1 so does that mean that, in few days it will drop again to 89% or what?

Please have patience! If you are not patience then you fall into the deep patient, Just wait for a couple of days or even weeks you will understand why I am saying this. then everything will all right.
Trust Yourself.
I hope your questing to this Fiverr forum will sort out sooner if you keep patience.

Happy earning.

It depends on the amount of order that you will complete.
You can easily count “an average” ratio for all your statistics based on how many orders you had in last 60 days.

@mariashtelle1 I don’t understand, cause I checked my orders and only one has reached 3months, others are 5 stars, and just 1 star that has not reached 2 months. So how come the drop? If it was calculated on 2months, then, 90% should be the final drop and shouldn’t drop further right? Or will it still drop even if I have no order? I don’t know how to calculate the completion rate. This is driving me nuts

Stars has nothing to do with order completion.
It’s how many orders you completed versus orders you cancelled.

Of course it will because other orders also wouldn’t be taken into account and with no new orders you will have less order to be taken into statistics.

Then you can google the formula on how to count “the average” and just put your numbers in it.

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It’s all about the period of 60 days. Consider a window (the 60 days) moving in time. While the window moves forward, the stats change. You have to calculate all of this to understand the reason of your numbers. Anyway, I just suggest to do your best and focus on improving your services.