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Getting Fed Up Of Late Orders And Spammers

Getting a bit fed up of paying for an orders, waiting for the order to be completed and it running way over time and not getting delivered. I am also getting very fed up of all the custom offers being sent to my email address and people plugging their gigs. So before spamming me or wasting my time, read below…

1, Late orders, I will cancel no matter what, even if you contact me telling me its almost done, I dont care! If you advertise that the order will be complete in X amount of days, I expect it to be complete in X amount of days, not after. So from now on, as soon as it goes past the due date, I will be cancelling straight away, wether you are almost finished or not, I dont care about people whinging to me, if you cant fulfill your gig offer, dont advertise it.

2, Spam me, send me custom offers or advertise your gig to me by a message and I will send you an insulting message back and NEVER pay you for your crappy gig.

Enough is enough, very close to deleting my account, totally pissed off with late gigs and spam in my inbox.

Rant over, but dont test my patience, I have none left!!

Reply to @pfpgogo: The OP is also a seller.

You know sellers can’t control how many orders come in, right?

Just before you ordered, they could have received 100 gigs and have no time react before you order. If they cancel your order, they get punished. They don’t cancel it, they get punished.

Oh, and sickness. Stuff can happen which can throw the gig out of sync (all of my cancellations, which are the only negative feedback I have, are down to sickness). Some buyers are absolutely repulsive with the messages they send afterwards (wishing I died etc.)

Slightly harsh system to be honest (not yours, the ability to not do anything with an order once it comes in)

First, I feel you on the spam. The only thing you can do is report it when it comes in. Fiverr will shut down the spammer accounts when they are reported because what they are doing is against TOS. People have to report it for that to get done, though. Unfortunately, there is no “idiot test” that can be given to see if someone is stupid enough to attempt spamming people their gigs and offers.

As to late orders - they happen and you should accept that. You want sellers to be professional. You need to be professional as well, and the attitude you are taking is not professional. At all. Understand as someone else pointed out that things happen. People get sick. Orders flood in. Computers malfunction. If the seller is being professional enough to say “hey, this is going on” then be professional enough to accept that. If a seller cannot give you a time frame that you are happy with for completion, then by all means, cancel the order. Politely. Understand that there is a person on the other side, not a robot. If it is reasonable, if they can get it to you within a day and that day is not ruining your business or life, why not accept it? Is it that big of a deal?

To state that you’re going to just cancel even when orders are almost done only tells sellers that it is in their best interest to take the hit and cancel as soon as they see your order come through. It’s better to take the temporary hit, especially if you have a high volume of orders, than to do hours or days of work only to have a buyer cancel because something unforeseen caused it to be a little late.

How are sellers spamming your inbox? You mean sellers you’ve been in contact with before? I’m just asking because I thought sellers couldn’t contact buyers directly, only the other way around (unless it’s spambot/hacks and not actual sellers).