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Getting first order has an old seller

Hi everyone, I am a front end developer, am actually not new to fiverr, been here since 2016 but yet to get an order. Have been trying my best to figure out what am doing wrong, but still hoping for that very day.


Hi, welcome to Fiverr! Feel free to message me if you need help/tips :slight_smile: Hope you’re doing great.

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Yes i need help
I am trying to get order but didn’t.

Try to work on your Gig descriptions and improve them. Looking at the analytics also will give you a clue on which are more viewed, so that you can focus on those, and improve the rest as well.
And definately spreading the word around and promoting. But it takes some time, be patient!


am new to fiverr…am still wondering how to get my first order…could you please help?

Hi anyone suggest me how to reach my gig first

Stay online and do social media marketing without spamming.

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