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Getting first order

Hi everyone,

We all know there are hundreds of sellers with their gigs but they didn’t get any order from buyers. And also there are hundreds of sellers getting many orders more than they needed. So this is your time to help those who didn’t get any order yet.

Share your valuable experience with them.

Thank you.

Please do not beg for orders on the forums. You’re not going to find many buyers here. Conduct yourself like a professional, keep improving your gigs, and promote your services elsewhere – where your potential buyers are located. If you do these things, you will be setting yourself up for success.

Also, it’s worth noting that there is no such thing as “sellers getting many more order than they need”. I applaud those sellers who have many orders; clearly, they are conducting their businesses the right way, and have built a customer base that appreciates their work.

Work hard to build your own customer base, don’t complain on the forums that you aren’t getting buyers, when you aren’t doing anything to earn them.

@jonbaas was right, whatever you are selling - this is not the place to promote. Make sure your gigs are perfect, your gig is in demand and you will have plenty of buyers!