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Getting free stuff on fiverr again!

Short version:

Client orders a video from me …
Wants white shirt instead of black…

We set up a price.

Client says "We loved everything! - Lets get it re-done with the black shirt"
That’s fine. … We setup a new price. Even though we’re re-doing the entire video completely over , acting , editing , animation and all… We’re charging $10 less than the first order.

Client says "thats fine! Take your time"
A day passes…

Client discovered that he now wants a refund for a few different reasons. One being , his actress turned in her similar order and he “doesnt have much to spend” (on my re-do)…

Client now wants to fully cancel their order after I turned in a video he said exactly this about
"Hey i love everything about the video just one thing and you might agree with me haha i hate the shirt lol i’d rather have the basic black long sleeve it just ties in better. But everything is perfect and exactly the way i wanted it. Just that shirt and the pants i think your trademark is the all black and you look sleeker and more professional. For ten could you re do it? I dont have much to spend."

— Basically , we said … "Do a $30 order completely over for $10? - No … but $20 yes).
(or $10 without all the extra stuff that you wanted)

And he basically wants to cancel the whole thing now.

So yea , what this amounts to is …
This guy MAY actually get a free video from me . .we’ll see what fiverr’s team has to say about it as I’ve already made the ticket out.

This is clear no brainer…
Client didnt like the video , wanted to spend WHAT HE WANTED TO SPEND on his re-do…
I have him a different price… He agreed on by saying

“im in absolutely no rush! Take your time brother and thanks again you did an amazing job.”

Now the very next messaging is how he wants to cancel (after getting his other video from someone else)

I’m sorry , it just doesnt work that way … go take that mindset somewhere else people.
Research what you buy … you can allow yourself to be picky as much as you want…
But here , its your own expense , not mine.

I do remember early on in my Fiverr career I would often get taken advantage of. People would ask me to write for them, and I’d do it, with a “Money back guarantee if you don’t like it, I’ll refund.”.

Naturally, this led to a lot of people who’d hire me for writing, and then claim that they didn’t like my writing and ask for a refund. Of course, then I’d find that my writing used anyways.

Lesson learned after having it happen to me several times. One advice for every new Fiverr person I like to give is to ask your client to be as specific as possible when purchasing your gig. Vague responses get vague work in return. Unless you did something horrifically wrong with their order (Doing the opposite of what they ask, something insensitive, not do what they specified, etc) then you should be compensated for your work.

Do not let your buyer cancel this. He is basically saying that he has ordered multiple gigs from different sellers and only wants to pay for the one he likes most. This is not how Fiverr works. He will likely leave negative feedback if you do refuse to cancel but in this case, just respond in your review and say exactly what he has done.

I had a client recently who ordered a video into add-on for one of my writing gigs and requested that I do a full minute copy of a mainstream TV animated video (for 25). I said no and requested cancellation only for them to say that I could do it in my style etc. 3 days later, boom, several revision requests (which I did) followed by a request to cancel which I refused twice until they got the message.

This kind of behaviour really grates me as someone is basically saying that they have no respect for the time or energy which you have wasted on their project.

A time bank feature would be nice for this. Don’t want to pay, fine you own me xx hours of labour, here grab this shovel…Done already, awesome! Now you still own fiverr 20% of xx hours, here grab this bucket…

Thought I’d follow up on this one… And yes I was fully aware that this guy was shopping around and picked a female in the end of it to do his videos. I ended up just contacting CS once I had the feeling he was going to be a problem…Once I had them monitoring the situation , I kindly told the client

“Just so you are made aware , this order has been reviewed by the fiverr staff and they are simply asking us to handle the order among ourselves. And Sorry , but to save us some time , No , they are not willing to cancel the order as they’ve seen that it was completed as per the order’s specifications. Feel free to open another ticket , and reference the one I’ve already got opened - #XXXXXX

His tune changed completely from…

Client: “i really don’t care that you’re offended now at all it’s my money and not what i paid for. I’m not using you because of this issue. I tried to be nice and i don’t want another video made.”


Client: “Money is in no way the issue, i have several small businesses online. And i have several other video orders currently costing more then this one. It was something i noticed this morning. I’ll go ahead and leave you feedback, i don’t want to effect your business with negative feedback. You can go ahead and make the new one if you don’t mind. Thanks”

And in the end , after I deliver the correct video (For free btw , no revision cost at all)
He decides tell me

Client: “not using your video like I said all I did was donate to your charity. I left you good feedback not for a video but because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s business. I should get what I pay for so realistically you stole from me. but good luck with other customers.”

So he thinks I stole from him because he ordered a video , got both a version of me in a black shirt and a white shirt… ($30+ of free work , the cost of revisions etc) and didn’t want to pay for it … lol. Sorry , that doesnt work in my world… You ask me to do something , I do it … and I get paid.

If I thought someone stole from me… The first thing I’d do is leave bad feedback…
But that’s just me… I’m real and stuff. But I guess if I was trying to cheat the system for free videos and have my pick of clients here at the same time … I’d be like this client and tuck my tail and hide when the spotlight was put on me ;D


I think your situation sounds worse than mine.

I have a buyer who will not close my job. He didn’t want to buy a custom website, just a 5 page with placeholders. Once I delivered his theme and the website with placeholders + all the video training he could need, he re-opens my job for modifications to HIS WEBSITE DESIGN WORK (the nerve!). This is just his way of dangling his review for me over my head so I keep helping him do design work that he wasn’t willing to pay me to do.

Talk about working the system!

Another wolf in sheep’s clothing, they act nice but know exactly what they’re doing, I like it how they try and use reverse psychology by making it sound like they’re the victim by saying you “stole” from them, that’s the sign of a seasoned con man, oldest trick in their playbook, still it never ceases to amaze me the cahones on these ppl!

If you’re keeping a proper paper trail , then you just need to report him to CS. If the description of his order is in your inbox convo (or especially in the order itself) then you’re good. If he’s asking for something different than what you agreed on (not necessarily what the gig is even for at this point if he wanted it changed up) then you are only liable to give him what you agreed upon. Thats a lot like this guy trying to say “nah i want your in the free black shirt instead of the video I got you to do and paid extra for … with the white shirt” …

Create a ticket , copy + paste your case to them. They should remove a bad review if he leaves one at all. Good luck