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Getting Frustrated


I really don’t know how to go about ordering a ‘real’ gig on here. I’m trying to get eyes onto my website, preferably from North America.

My first order was a flop - it turned out to be all bots - names that had no profile, or exact same profiles as many others with one or two of the same pictures, no friends, and shared exactly the same things on their feeds.

The second time around, I saw a gig that swore by their tons of ‘active’ followers. I asked to see their site, and there was little to no activity whatsoever. I chose not to do business there.

The next time, I chose a gig who promised to deliver a very large amount of real visitors. I messaged them, asked them how they could promise that if they weren’t using bots. I got a reply that said, “Maybe you should find a different seller”. I asked why, and got no response.

The last time around, I chose someone who had thousands of reviews, mostly positive. I even noticed some repeat customers. It sounded perfect. I ordered the gig. As the likes were starting to pour in, I looked at some of the people who were liking my page, but I noticed the same problem as the first gig that I ordered - they weren’t real people.

This is getting real frustrating, and I feel like I’m wasting a lot of money here. Is there a way that I can tell if gigs are offering REAL people to your site?? Any words of wisdom will be greatly appreciated.


From the looks of it, you were looking to purchase likes, followers, etc. for some social media website.

Unless I’m mistaken, selling those metrics is against the ToS of just about every social media website out there.

I’m astounded that people in 2018 are purchasing likes, followers, etc. and are expecting anything other than automation. So, yes, you actually are wasting your money… but not for the reasons you think.


Well …

Yes, I was looking to purchase likes to my website. I’m brand new to this, so I don’t know everything about how this all works yet. I was following a course for Shopify. I set up my store, set up a FB page, and I was purchasing likes to it, in order to start the growing process … Just as the course described.

I was told to use influencers. That’s what I did. If this isn’t the ‘legal’ or the ‘proper’ way to do this, then I’m being told something completely wrong. But then again, how do you know who to believe anymore??

I also don’t understand how this can be against the ToS, only because there are literally thousands of gigs on here who are offering it. I’m just trying to differentiate between the ‘real’ ones, and the bots.


Again, unless I am mistaken, it’s against, for example, Instagram’s ToS to sell likes and/or followers for that platform. I can’t speak to those Gigs that sell those metrics and will not do so.

Selling social medial metrics is the digital equivalent of selling snake oil.


Okay … So tell me then, what is the ‘proper’ way to get real, fresh, new visitors to a new website? If I’m not being instructed properly, and you seem to want to play devil’s advocate, then explain to me the ‘right’ way to do this. And what I’m reading from your comments, Fiverr is a complete waste of money.


There’s an entire social media section from you to browse - I’ve filtered it for you so the Pro sellers are visible first.

Good luck!|origin%3Aheader&filter=auto


I appreciate that. I’ll check it out, but if it violates Fiverr’s ToS, then maybe it’s, well, snake oil (as it’s been pointed out).


Just out of curiosity, how much would I have to pay you to visit my website and afterward, do so regularly and interact with my content?

Would $0.01 do? - That’s pretty much the market rate.

My point is that by pursuing a strategy of buying web traffic, you have doomed your website to failure.

You get paid to go to work. Do you then go there on your day off also, just to hang around because it’s so much fun? - Expecting ‘real visitors’ you buy from anywhere online to become repeat visitors/users of your site, is simply madness. Much more importantly, it’s big fat Google Penalty triggering madness.

Stop what you are doing. Go back to the drawing board and learn how to market your website and content. Nothing else will help you get traffic. Not the meaningful kind anyway.


Selling followers and likes violates terms of service of social media, and therefore, it violates Fiverr’s ToS, too.

Facebook could remove your page if you keep buying likes and followers.

@offlinehelpers gave you advice how to find sellers who offer marketing.

Fiverr has removed many of them, but they haven’t caught everyone yet.

Marketing & promotion.


As far as TOS, I think you have to worry more about Facebook than Fiverr. It use to be against Facebook’s TOS to buy Likes and I think it still is. I think Facebook could cause more damage to your site than Fiverr. Facebook can shut down your site, Fiverr can’t.