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Getting funds through payoneer

Hi all,

I need to ask when my funds should be available on my payoneer account?

I have created payoneer account through fiverr and received payoneer welcome email. Then I clicked bank withdraw from fiverr and my fiverr balance become zero. again I received email from payoneer saying that fiverr began to transfer and Payment ID and Amount are there in this email.

The problem is my payoneer balance still zero so when funds should be there?

If you have experienced that or have info., am in a real need to your help.


You’ll have them in 2 days for Standard Load ($1 fee) and a few hours if you selected Immediate Load ($3 fee). Note that you have to confirm by clicking the link in that email you got.

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@roots282 Thanks for replying. First there is no links in the email.
Second you mean 2 days to see the amount on my payoneer account or to transfer to my local bank?

Thanks again!

Check the attached image. There should be a “Confirm” button in the email right below the amount, it will take you to a page where you select a loading method. And two days need to pass from the moment you confirm withdrawal from Fiverr to Payoneer, unless you opt for Immediate Load. I don’t know how things go from the moment the funds get transferred to your Payoneer account, you’ll probably have to talk about that with your bank.

@roots282 I think it’s immediate. there is this line at the end of the email

Once the bank transfer to your personal account is initiated, you will receive an email confirmation from us with further details.

But if so how can I choose the transfer method!

Wait, when did you create your account? Did you receive your card?

I use bank transfer and I linked my payoneer with local bank account. I don’t usr card

I created payoneer account 3 days ago and made the transfer from fiverr 2 days ago

In that case, the whole procedure might be different and I’m not sure I can help you. This is what the Help Center says about the Bank Transfer option:

"A notification appears indicating the registration process has started and you will receive an email. You need to click the link in the email to continue this process.

The email link takes you to a landing page. Click Get Started and continue with the registration process through Payoneer’s website.
There is a $3 charge per withdrawal. Additional fees may apply based on your location and currency.
The minimum withdrawal amount is $20."

Not everything applies to you because you’ve registered, but if you got the link and if you clicked it, then something else went wrong and no one but support can help, I believe. If there’s nothing in the email to help you, which I find strange, your best bet is to contact Payoneer. I’m not sure Fiverr CS can do anything if the funds are no longer on your Fiverr account, but I suppose you can try.

Unfortunately,It’s not my case. And Thank you!

Have you clicked on “Load Funds” from Fiverr at Payoneer?

No. what I do is that… I created payoneer from fiverr

secondly from fiverr i clicked bank transfer again suddenly my funds on fiverr became zero and email sent to me as i mentioned.

Can you provide screen shots?

I use bank transfer not fiverr card. is that your case too?


Hello mariana_nagy, I am facing same problem, let me know if you have know what should I do now? Thanks