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Getting ghosted before clients even order?

Hello everyone,

I am fairly new to Fiverr, I joined back in January but only got serious and spiffed up my gigs in February. So far, foot traffic has been pretty good and I am just slowly waiting for clients to trickle in.

However, one thing I have noticed is that potential-clients message me, inquiring about my services, saying they are interested, and wanting to talk more. I reply with a detailed response (all the pricing detail is located on my gig, so the information I tell them should be a surprise), and then they just never respond.

I am located in Japan, so there is a bit of a time delay from when I am active to when those in the US are active. However, I always respond as soon as I wake up in the morning. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the ghosting, but I’m thinking it might be a factor.

Anyway, I was wondering if this is normal? Within the span of a two-weeks, I’ve been contacted by three potential clients who never responded after I got back to them. Furthermore, I had to cancel an order where a client placed an order but never responded to my questions or showed any activity on Fiverr.

I’m not upset by this, it gets me excited to think that people are reaching out to me and interested in my services. I’m simply curious if getting ghosted is a normal thing on Fiverr. I haven’t used this site much, so I am not aware of the community on here.

Thanks in advance!


It happens to everyone, buyers ask same questions to many different sellers, sometimes they just come to ask and never reply, sometimes they buy, sometimes not, that’s how it works

Ah, okay, thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something wrong on my end.

Yes, people “go shopping”.

It’s also what Fiverr tells buyers to do:


Often they are simply window shopping and hoping someone can/will actually deliver their Ferrari idea for $5. The more serious your response, the more they will back away (ghost). That said, when you do get someone who wants what you got, they will move pretty quickly.

Try to keep conversation on their actual project. This can be very tricky when they do things like demand pricing for Mixing a song with no ability to hear the song and how many Stems are in there. That makes for generic responses as I will not commit to things that could hide a host of horrors.


Haha! Thanks for that! This makes me feel better about the whole thing.

At least I’m getting clicks on my gig and people are coming through. So even though it doesn’t pan out, at least it is more than nothing.

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Thank you for clearing that up for me :blush:

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