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Getting good number of impression, clicks and views. Got 5 star rating but still no order

Hello there!

I’ve been here for a good time. Im glad that I have completed but my first order and got 5 star rating. I am getting good number impressions, clicks and views but still I am not getting more order. The last order was done 8 days before and I can’t even see buyer requests. I am online almost over 12 hours a day but still I see only 5/7 requests a day. Could anyone here please help me out?

It’s not clear who you serve or what your quality is.

You’re also doing gigs for which you have hundreds of competitors.

If you’re getting a lot of clicks, but no sales, it could mean that people are browsing and decide that you don’t have the credibility or social proof that other sellers have.

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Appreciate the answer. Thanks.

On the video editing gig it’s not that clear why, on the premium package, the “footage provided by the buyer” is up to 15 mins but the package description says “I will do 1-25 minutes video edit”. Unless it’s because you allow converting their footage to slow motion or repeat segments, shouldn’t the “footage provided by the buyer” be at least 25 mins for the premium package? Maybe making that clearer could help with sales . But also sending offers to BR will also help with sales.

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There is not an exact answer to this… I don’t you think you should view Fiverr as something you can do full-time since the demand for services are far less than sellers looking to sell. That is not say you cannot make thousands on Fiverr. Obviously, some people make be making thousands.

My best advice is not to give up and try to offer gigs that are quality products. You have to spend a significant amount of time on your gigs to make them quality product.

Good Luck
Luis Blandon
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I will suggest you change your packages and description because orders are depends on you packages and what you offer in your description.

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