Getting Gratuity/Tip from Random Stranger


I was having a conversation with someone and now I am curious about this. Has any of you with a gratuity/consultation gig ever gotten a tip from a stranger for no reason what so ever?

I mean someone you’ve never worked with or communicated with just gives you a tip for no reason what so ever? If so, what did you do or say?

Apparently, this does happen on 5r.


There are some amazingly lovely people on fiverr. I’ve never had any stranger give me a tip but I’m not surprised it does happen, probably especially to someone nice.

I’ve had buyers come back and tip me at a later time.


Can’t say it’s ever happened to me.

Once, though, I gave somebody on the forum advice and they tipped me $5. That was nice of them.


Yes, once or twice! It’s an amazingly unusual feeling.


How do you transfer money to other people’s accounts without having an ongoing order? Just wondering…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My first order on fiver was a bit strange.
It was a 5 dollar gig. The buyer bought 2 extras gig and sent me a message : 'Do the basic gig. I don’t need your extras."
I didn’t understand so I asked him how I can refund him.
He answered me: “The money is for you, I know how long it takes to do this job, and 5 dollars is not enough”.
It was a bit like a tip from someone I have never worked with. We hadn’t discussed before the order. He had not seen my work. It was my very first order here so there was no review from other buyers to confirm that I was able to do this job.
I will never forget this 1st order!

I confirm, this does happen on 5r.


In my two cases, the individuals just placed orders and left notes explaining they were tips. :slight_smile:


Oh yes I’ve had that happen lots of times, where orders are placed and they explain they are tips but they are previous clients. I don’t expect tips and always feel surprised but appreciate them.


There are still sellers with gratuity gigs. Type in “tip” in the search bar and you will see several pages of it. :slight_smile:

That’s advance tip. It’s a buyer’s way of telling you she/he appreciates your work in advance. There is a positive psychological effect it has on you. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s exactly it. It’s technically getting a tip from a Random Stranger. Still kinda makes you feel good that someone appreciated you.


Some buyers are really amazing. Though I never got tips like that. But yes I got tips from my regular buyer.


I have gotten tips from people, I also believe I got a lovely
Christmas gift tip from you Gina last year or so, but not from a random stranger.
It is nice to hear that there are nice people out there. :slight_smile:

Talking about gratitude, it reminds me of this little thingy that happened years ago when I was working part time a the health office back in college. A woman came in saying that her shoulders were killing her and that she would do anything to get rid of it. The nurse was not sure what the best thing to do was, so I offered her to give a shoulder massage.
If I can say so myself, I am pretty darn freaking and amazingly good at it.

I asked her to sit down, and did my magic. I think I gave her a 20 minute massage.
She was very happy and told me the pain was gone.
The next day she returned giving me a lovely book called "The Random Acts of Kindness."
I thought it was so darn sweet.

…dang, if there was a way to offer a 5 minute massage here at Fiverr,
I’d be so rich!!! :heart_eyes:


If that was possible, it would be the most popular gig here. Let’s face it, stress is everyday occurrence for everyone - I mean who wouldn’t like a nice shoulder massage! :slight_smile: