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Getting harassed by a Buyer

I did an order with a buyer, my experience with the buyer was terrible, he misbehaved at multiple places, wanted me to do twice the work in one order, nevertheless, I did double work and finished the order, he accepted the delivery and gave me a 5-star review, in return I gave him a 1-star review which was my honest review with him

I then blocked him and moved on with my life, now that buyer keeps making new profiles and keeps threatening me in chat on how he’ll talk to Fiverr support and expose me, how he’ll take me to court, and whatnot.

I was curious as to what should I do now? should I be worried? should I not care?


Just ignore him, there is nothing to worry about :wink:

Why is he giving threats? Whats the reason? You delivered the work like you agreed right then you dont have to worry at all, instead report him and his messages. Take the screenshots and let the Fiverr Customer support know about him

because i have given him 1-star review, and he’s mad on that, he says he does not deserve the 1-star review

Why do you think he deserves one star? Please state the reason

Misbehaved with me, his tone was aggressive throughout the order, which makes my work toxic and stressful, when I delivered the first delivery, he wanted changes in them PLUS another version, which is not included in my basic package, you only get a single delivery, but he ganged up on me and told me to do that changes plus make another version, in fear of a bad review I kept doing what he said and made 2 versions, when the order completed I had a terrible experience overall and I feel like I have the right to give him 1 star experience because my experience with him was truly a 1/5

Take a screenshot of this, all the things he did report to CS. Also send ss of where he requested more work

For future: remember never do extra work for anyone when its not agreed. If they threatens for bad review, report to CS. Asking for more work by giving threats is against TOS.


So you didn’t even tell your client that extra version is not included?

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I wouldn’t bother if it was me.

That means: His experience was certainly good!!

Seems something fishy!!

Have you done anything wrong?


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He can’t “take you to court”, that’s ridiculous - Unless you said something demonstrably untrue (e.g. he cheats on his wife, he embezzles money, etc.) it’s not libel. If you just said “I had a difficult experience with this buyer and I do not recommend working with him” or something along those lines, all you’ve done is given an honest review. He may not like that, but that’s on him, not on you.

The rating system is in place so that each party can report their experience with the job. I’ve had pushy, aggressive clients like the one you’re describing, and I’ve always just cancelled the order and blocked them if they wouldn’t listen to reason or respect my boundaries. We’re freelancers, not employees, and one of the few benefits we get is the ability to say no.

Just block him reflexively and report each instance to Fiverr support. He’ll eventually get tired of it or get booted off the platform via IP address or payment method recognition.