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Getting harrassed by the freelancer!


I was approached by the freelancer, and he ask me to pay him out of this application!! so what did i do! i was so stupid! Because he had 5 star rating i thought i could trust him so i paid him a good price for him to do the job, but in saying that he did not do the job and kept asking me for money!!! he then asked me to what’s app him, then he continued to message me and harass me for over a year now, and just this week he called me up on my mobile! i blocked him from calling me or messaging but he won’t leave me alone. Even thought i told him i’m not interested in this job anymore!!
The thing is Fiverr don’t have a complaint section like ebay!!!
ebay would take this quite seriously but fiverr don’t!!! He was threatening me and demanding i call him back but no i blocked him again! i can’t believe it’s been a year later. this is my new account now because he won’t just leave me alone.


Assuming the seller you’re talking about is still on Fiverr, please contact CS:

On the other hand if you agreed to pay the seller etc. off-Fiverr, which it seems you did, Fiverr might not be able to do anything.

You can only be protected as a buyer if you keep everything on Fiverr.

Off-Fiverr - could you consider a restraining order of some sort?

Why on earth did you give some random person on the internet your mobile number?

If he’s as obsessed with you as it seems he may be, posting your story on here even with a new identity might not be a good idea.


Your money may be gone, but if what you’ve said is true and you can prove it to CS, the seller will most likely be banned.


Did you get Fiverr’s permission to start another account? It is against TOS to have two accounts on Fiverr. If you do one or both of them could get banned. :flushed:


You have broken Fiverr rules in multiple ways. You and the seller will likely be banned. This isn’t a Fiverr problem anymore.