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Getting impression but no clicks,no order

I have already 3 Gigs in my Fiverr id . All of them have low quality as I guess .As they don’t have high quality description. Now, I want to add one more Gigs with high quality description & maintaining all requirement.

  1. could I add one more Gig?
  2. will this new Gig be harmful or beneficial to my Fiverr ID?
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You can add up to seven gigs. You can also edit your whenever you want. Besides, if you want to add a new gig, it will not affect your previous gigs as well. Thanks


If any two (or more) gigs are actually offering the same thing as each other, that is against TOS.

If you know that one or more of those Gigs are poorly written, why not simply improve that rather than making many gigs that are the same with compete with yourself and make you look odd for anyone who looks and sees that you offer the same thing over and over - which looks dodgy.

Forget your Fiverr ID, think of your own reputation. This is not a game, this is life, if people think you look like you are playing games more than doing Great Work, they are gone. (or they are working out how to play a game on you)


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From what I understand, you can add as many (7, as another poster has replied) as the system allows. As long as each gig is different from another gig, dont think you will have any problems.

Now, I am new here but if you are having/believe your gig appearance is low quality, some general tips.

  1. Put a better profile pic. Right now, I see your profile pic. It has some house background and all that. Try and avoid that. Take a photo with a standard background, like may be against a wall. Also, it looks like a selfie. Dont put selfies. Let someone else take proper photo of you, with a background and use that.

  2. Also put some images in your gig. You can get free, high quality images from WikiMedia, Unsplash and so on. They are free to use and dont have copyright problems.

  3. Put as much details as possible in your gig. But, not too much. May be 200 to 300 words. First paragraph, is like summary, and then remaining paragraph go into detail.

Good luck.

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Don’t use Stock Images as all that does is say you do average work that anybody else could do as lazily as you used stock images that do not represent you or your craft at all - and can even be against TOS.

Make your own images or pay someone who is skilled in business graphics to make them for you (not from stock garbage but from your actual work).

You need to look unique, not like every other seller who uses the same free stock images in hope it makes them look safe.


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God no. I am not talking about stock images. My apologies, I should have added more details.

Note : I am a photographer myself, and have a profile on Unsplash with my own photos.

Pick super cool photos from these sources. Then, I sit and edit them (I use a combination of apps on my iPad/iPhone plus PowerPoint and online photo editors and the Photos app on the Mac) until you make a regular photo into an awesome Gig image that reflects your personality. I remember spending hours on each and every one of my gig images.

I should have mentioned this in the above post. Thank you for correcting me @benedictrm

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Thanks, that makes a difference. Otherwise people just go and do what every wannabe Yoga Studio and “modern” Psychoticgist did ever: use that pic of the three stones on top of one another.


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