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Getting Impressions and clicks

Hi, there are 171 impressions and 9 clicks in one of my gig in the last two days. In another of my gig, there are 838 impressions and 35 clicks in about the last 25 days. So how is that? Is it a good sign?


Did any of those clicks or impressions result in any orders?

If not, then, no, it is not a good sign. If no, means you need to go look at your Gig and fix it.


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You are getting clicks that mean buyers are visiting your Gig but they didn’t order your service. You should focus on Gig description I think. I will suggest you to wait 1-2 week more and see the result (My personal suggestion).

But don’t try to change Gig images, as you are getting clicks that mean your Gig images are good.

Thank you bro. Two days before a client message me and we discuss for a while. But eventually I didn’t agree to do the task. Thank you so much for your advice.

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Good to know that you are getting buyer knocks. I think you should not change anything now, because your gigs are ranking and getting buyer knocks

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Yes, bro. Thank you so very much for your informative advice.