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Getting in "The Slot" or Main Page Presence

Ok I at one time was in the main page rotation and quite regularly… now NADA sent a message on Wed. its now Friday here, and got zero response… Anyone know why we only see certain few faces on the main pages and why they are on there multiple times at once and certain others (namely me) have not been on there at all?

HELP!? ANYONE? This is my business and I need this to work like it did a couple of months ago it has cost me nearly 50% of my business income from a month or two ago?


Its a mystery how it works. :slight_smile:

I’ve seen my gig on the front page several times this year. However there are a few gigs that are there every time I check it. One is always in the same spot. Still some of the ones I see every time are not TRS, don’t have huge numbers and the gigs are much like many others. So what’s the method of rotation? IDK.

IKD either… funny thing is I just got a slot spot (just now) and got two orders like that quick… and on that gig.

SMH I wish I knew but I am thankful for what I get.