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Getting leads from Fiver


Hi All,

I have been here for near one year. I shared my gigs on Social Media groups with large member count. Still my leads level is very low. Anyone can tell me why is that.


Target your audience and then advertise.
Sharing links randomly will do you no good.


You got only one 5 dollar gig… The rest is really expensive, try to have more variety…


yeah that is the reason…


Same thing here as in the other threat where a ‘marketeer’ asks how to market.
For starters you could create a gig about something that you can actually can do, since you just disqualified yourself in the marketing field.


All your gigs are for online marketing!



Please write your GIG carefully and describe in details that what you are providing.

Try to sell your self and then services which you are providing.

Try to upload video that what you are doing.

This is the best tips.

I hope you will get good response after this.



Keep the Price less. That will help you more.


I think we have to give price according to our work so price will not affect. If work is more then you can’t do just in 10$.

But @philmoonamjid also right because people like lower price but didn’t get quality with it. :slight_smile: