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Getting less impressions

So I created a gig in the middle of June and in the first week I got like 6 orders, everything was going great and at the end of June I had completed around 15 orders, but then July came and I started getting fewer orders, at the mid of July my impressions in the last 7 days went from 15k to 2k, altho I already had around 22 reviews and only one of them was negative. It’s August now and I have barely gotten any orders this month altho I have 30 reviews and only 1 of them is negative still, my impressions have gotten down from 2k to 1k. What is happening? My gig stopped showing up on the search page altho it always was at the very top and now I can’t find it anywhere. Could somebody help me?


Hello @jurgis
The impressions you got fully depend on the ranking and I think the issue you face is because I guess you changed or updated your gig that why you dropped your rank on your keyword and not losing you impressions.

Thank You :pray:

would it fix the issue if I changed everything back?

@jurgis No! if you change or update anything gig than your gig will start from scratch to rank again.
So i suggest you not to update anything and only 5-6 month a once update your gig to not loss rank.

I had the same problem! After the first order is negative then we finish five more orders which get five stars. But there are no impressions in my gig. I contacted Custom Care a lot but got no response. After that I search for my gig title by myself and click on it with Chrome private browser. Turn off auto refresh and send regular buyer requests. Then it changes a bit. I’m not sure because I’m new.