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Getting less orders from 2-3 month

I don’t know what happening with Fiverr now.
As from 2-3 months i"m getting few orders and only from old buyers.
I have more than 550 positive reviews with 5 stars.

Before it was so good and i got 3-4 messages daily and 1-2 orders. Even if it’s $5 or $50.

But now rarely any enquiry and any new order.
It getting worst as Fiverr Updating feature.

Any one have any suggestion? Who getting same problem?

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Why are you blaming Fiverr for your lack of marketing and promotion? Fiverr is not required to provide you with sales. Nor is it their fault that your gig has shifted in visibility.

If you want more sales, take responsibility for your own success, and go out and find them. If you want sales, you need to reach out to the people who need what you have to offer.


Last month was good for me but this month worst.

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A good :books: series to read.

Read more… :eyeglasses:


you need to work on your marketing and promotion

same problem here huge drop in sell

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You have ten current orders in your gig queues. That doesn’t seem like it would be indicative of a “huge drop in sell”. :wink:

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see this screenshot :joy:

I am seeing your screenshot. And it shows me a short-term spike in your sales, and then a return to what appears to be your usual sales level – which is, apparently on the rise.

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary based on the screenshot you have shared.

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Yes its rising now I got 8 orders today.last week I got 4 orders only

Then I don’t understand what you are complaining about. :wink:

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Normally I received 12-15 orders per day last week the amount was 1-2 that’s the reason and still my gig isn’t showing on search result

We all have the same problem, Nothing NEW. :slight_smile:
Promoting your gig on social media is promoting fiverr on social media and there’s no guarantee that social media (outsiders) or leads would actually buy “your” gig. They will look at other gigs too and make a decision. So, it’s like you are promoting “other’s” gig and other’s are promoting “yours”. VICE-VERSA


I’m not blaming. I’m just asking others if they have same problem.

I never did any promotions on social sites except badge on my blog.
But i was still getting orders.
I also keep updating my gigs.

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Yeah and it getting worst.

Thank you.

But no one buy gigs from social sites. :confused:

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And specially in some countries, No one is agree to take service from social sites.
Also promoting is different thing.
Before i always got messages for services but now rarely any message.

Read my NEW post and let me know what you think about that.

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I have always believe Fiverr has alot of traffic. Promoting is good but the real “problem” is How do you promote your service to people that don’t even know anything about fiverr let alone knowing how to use the platform.


Yes and promoting you gigs means promoting Fiverr only. User will look another seller and services.
It’s not sure that they will buy our services.