Getting Level One Back After A Very Unfortunate Removal


Hello FiverrLand

I am a seller (Graphics Design and Writing) since the last 8 months on Fiverr. My earnings in the start were low but I managed to get 10 gigs in around a 2 month period and acquired a Level One which I enjoyed for around 4-5 months but suddenly a guy bought four gigs and then asked for a mutual cancellation of all four as he was ‘fired’. Nothing happened.

Few days later, I get two orders from another guy who says he wanted to place just one order and therefore I need to cancel the other. But as soon as I got the duplicate order my Level One was slashed off my profile, even before I cancelled it. I then asked the support who told me that Mutual Cancellations have a little negative effect on the gig and they were the reason for the removal of my Level One.

But this isn’t what I am ranting about. The story is that since then I have completed 12 orders and 1 is on the verge of completion, no Level One yet. My Fiverr Stats are as follows,

Total Gigs : 48 (Including Multi and Extras)

Completed : 47

Delivered : 1

I have a flawless track record thus far, I have all Positives and No Negatives but I still am not getting my Level One back so I am not even thinking of Two.

Has something like this happened to anyone else? :slight_smile:


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Reply to @vedmak: 8, all mutual.


Reply to @bachas85: Ohh, I get it now. I will have to work harder than. Thanks to another buyer who placed an order without reading my description. :confused:

Thanks bachas85. :slight_smile:


Reply to @deepanshkhurana: That’s right mate. Currently you have a 17% cancellation rate. You should keep it under 5% in order to keep your levels fine.

Best Of Luck.


You need to maintain a low ratio of cancelled orders vs. completed orders.


Reply to @bachas85: I believe they have special consideration for Top Rated Sellers like you, and even some Level 2 sellers with lots of orders. :wink:


Reply to @bachas85:

I’m not sure, but seems like the system gives priority in the search engine to some TRS and some Level 2 sellers with lots of orders (not only when searching by rating, but in auto too). That way they get more exposure and eventually get more orders, increasing the chances to have a good cancellation rate in a natural way.

So, in the end, that priority in the search engine that TRS get is like a special consideration if you think about it (and well deserved). Not directly to the levels, but indirectly. :wink:


Reply to @s_sayan: Well then, I will have to do almost 50 more gigs to neutralize this. Will try my best. Thank you. :slight_smile: