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Getting lots of hits but no buyers [ARCHIVED]

Here is my GIG but I am getting no sale. Very discouraging.

Wow. You are giving away the family cow and all the jugs of milk too, with this gig! For $4 you are making your services look absolutely cheap (in a bad way) by providing so much for so very little. Why not focus on offering just one of the several secretarial tasks that are listed on the gig? Search around the fiverr site for people who are successfully offering similar gigs and tweak yours to match the level of giving that they are providing. I know you want to distinguish yourself from the crowd by offering so much more, but, again, when you offer too much, buyers begin to wonder if your services are a bargain or subpar. :-? And, of course, read what’s in this forum. There is a lot of excellent, free advice about how to improve your gigs throughout the fiverr forum, but, especially in the Tips for Sellers section. Check it out and hang in there!

I agree with @pearlsant. I know you say you’ll work up to 4 hours a week, but I’m sure people will completely overlook that and just see that long list of tasks you can do…and they might wonder how well you can do all those things for such a low price! Perhaps write it up that those are your skills, and for 1 gig you’ll do an hour (or whatever you think is fair) of one or two of those tasks. That shows that you’ll be focusing on that one (or two) tasks, giving it your full attention.

There used to be a comedy show on American TV (“Seinfeld”) and one show was about a newly opened restaurant that offered American food, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Pakistani, Italian, Greek, and more…an incredible range of cuisines!..but had NO customers. Why? Well, the implication was that with so many things on the menu, it was impossible for the chef to be very skilled in all of them, and nobody wanted to take the chance.

You have great gigs! I think once you can get established, you’ll do well.

Good luck~