Getting lots of revision requests? Try this!


I know the feeling. You spend hours working on a huge project, and think it’s absolutely perfect.

And then…

The dreaded revision request comes. Ugh.

Here are two strategies I use to literally cut my revision requests in half. It’s simple… are you ready…

  1. Explain what you did and your thoughts to the buyer. If they know why you wrote what you wrote, or designed it the way you did, they will better understand, and usually agree with you. It takes much less time to explain your thought process, than it does to go through the revision process. Just take the time to write a small blurb when you deliver. Simple as that.

  2. Never. And I repeat, Never! Ask them if they like it. This opens the door for them to say, “No, I didn’t like this part… can you change it…?” Just assume that they LOVE your work because most of the time they will! (This is of course assuming you provide quality work) Instead of saying, “What do you think?”, or “Let me know if you like it.”

Say something like:

Here you go! Here’s my take on this for you. Let me know if I can help out again in the future!


Let me decode/translate that for you…

“Here’s my take on this” = As with most projects, everything is subjective. I have my way, you may have your way. You paid me for my expert opinion, so here it is. Even if it’s not exactly how you would do it, this is what you get from me.

“Let me know if I can help out again in the future” = This gig is done. If you want more work from me… it will be in a future state. I.E. another order.

“Best! David” = Have a nice life because unless you order again, I don’t plan on ever speaking with you again :slight_smile:


What! I am always available to do revisions. I always mention that (For any modification, feel free to contact me.
The fact that i am always available to do revisions doesn’t mean that the client must ask for revision.
After saying as i have mentioned, the client will not post negative review if in case he is not satisfied. He will just ask for modification
In short, i don’t mind doing revision but i always deliver my best in such a way that no modification will be required.


Mate, you are dope!

Great advices!


Well my Delivery line is “Tell me if you like it or need Changes” though i offer only 2-4 revisions but still i feel like something’s wrong in this sentence so i will work on a new One. Thanks for your Tips btw. :slight_smile:


Don’t say “tell me if you ike it” say " Hope you like it"
after that i say " if you see mistakes or need something else just tell me "

  • “if you see mistakes” this is your part because if you did a mistake and you didn’t notice it, the buyer must ask for a revisions.
  • “need something else” i use it instead of “if you need changes or revisions”

This way i avoid revisions, avoid bad reviews and be nice to the buyer, it’s all social engineering :slight_smile:


Revisions for some may be lengthy and time consuming; for others, less so. In VO, I offer 0 Revisions for free, unless it was my mistake reading a script or pronunciation. I require instruction up front from client. If the client decides to change something after delivery, I charge x $$s per revision. I communicate in detail with Buyer before and during Gig to ensure I understand their needs.


Agreed, great insight and input! It’s not that I’m not willing to do revisions, and I won’t fix mistakes, or won’t kindly help with additional questions. I do all of that - which is very important for success… It’s just that very small little detail - that subconscious statement telling the buyer, the gig is over, and not opening the door for revisions. If they want them bad enough, they’ll ask. Otherwise, save yourself some time and keep your mouth shut. (And when I say keep your mouth shut, I’m speaking generally to this audience… not you of course :-))


Very True. Communication is key! Yes, there are multiple things that you do throughout the process to avoid revisions. My advice above is “after you’ve done all that…try these small tips”

Great comments, thank you!


Wow, this is such a great post that hits the issue on the head. Imagine having 10 orders in queue and spending extra time on an order that needs revision. I’ll save this, it’s professional and at the same time assertive.


I never give my gigs corresponding revision for a gig.

So if the service matches the gig buyer is not entitled to revision.

I give free value-added service.

Rivisi will drive you crazy with the amount of time you spend


Thank you for Your Tips. It a learning process and its just been 5 months since i joined fiverr so yes i need to work on many things so lets start with this.

Now I am using “Here you go” and then a quick explaination about the concept of the logo or whatever thing it is. I think its much better lol but i’ll try some other things as well right now i don’t have time to think of a new one. :smiley:


Very interesting
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In my opinion there are many buyers who will not care you! or they don’t know how to behave to their colleagues…it’s a fact…if there is an issue comes from the buyer we have to convince the buyer not from a third party…so my experience is to do the 100% perfection on your delivery and do the modification at once or twice…
Apart from this some buyers knowingly giving negative remarks…
still there are buyers who gives Tips when doing a revision for their work…moreover giving us a hand to promote our business…
Thank you!


Great Hugh! Excellent advice!


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You can get that ‘5$ Tip’ by only providing an additional Revision.


Yes, offering unlimited revisions is a good way to attract customers. Personally, I like to take the approach that they are paying for my time… more revisions means more time. Usually they understand this. And for the most part Fiverr buyers are willing to pay for significant revisions.


I think “100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back” is a better hook, remember, not everyone has the patience to wait for unlimited revisions, some orders will result in refunds no matter how many times you revise.


Hello ! Someone help please ! My name is abbas , web developer. I have Sent customer offer to one of my buyer . In that offer i have given only 1 Revision but believe me that before the project he requested me 10 revisions ad i have delivered before time.And Now Time is finished and even though he is asking for revision.You all know customer offers takes 3 days to be marked as completed. But he is not letting it .PLease help some one , i am really disgusted by the buyer.