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Getting Low stars

HI !!
If i get below 4.5 stars or 4.7 stars or not getting 5 stars… will people give me orders ?

Yes, you can get orders but low rating profile can decrease your sales.

but i did my best and told that customer that i will do the job until his satisfaction… and also he told me that i did a good job… then he rated me low :frowning:

It’s very unfortunate but you can’t force the buyer to give 5*

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can they change the low rating to high anytime? ( I mean after i do some extra works)

owk … :slight_smile: thank you for letting me know… i won’t do that

You are welcome… :slightly_smiling_face:

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You could request for review modification by opening a dispute, but your gig will be lowered down on the listing.

If you offer extra work for a review change, it’s review manipulation, and you could get an account warning for that.


Afjanahaque, please be careful with advice like this, there are several forum posts by people who got account warnings from Fiverr for doing that. I wouldn’t risk that.


Always deliver the result more than expected.
Your gigs description must show your true skill and portfolio so buyer will understand and have idea how the result should be.
Unlimited revision won’t help you if the buyer already give up on your service - they think won’t get decent result from you and wasting time by asking revisions.
Just my two cents :slight_smile:


owk… thank you for your suggestion :grinning:

okay… i will re-check my GIGs and also… before taking any order i will tell them to go through my GIGs once again…
and 1 more thing… the person who rated me low is also a very poor rated customer … so should i avoid below 3.5 rating customers?

it is a little bit risky then :sweat:
btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY :birthday:

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If you need 5 star reviews.? First you need must strong work, continue good communication and advice then you get 5 star…Thanks

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Ahhhhh, I was wondering why a birthday cake appears on the top of my username :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Anyway, it is a little bit risky IF you depend solely on getting buyer inside Fiverr. If you do gig marketing and bring customer from outside, it won’t be a risk at all :grinning:

Getting a 5 star review requires good work, done fast, and with added value. I always ask for a review in my deliveries but never ask for a 5 star. I do explain briefly how important good ratings are to the buyer and how it helps me build my business and rank higher in the search among the hundreds of other sellers in my category. I have gotten mostly 5-star reviews. Not always, but mostly.

It’s important to over deliver by exceeding their expectations. Do it faster than they ordered it. Give them an alternate version of their order. Include some extras for free. Think of ways to set you apart and ADD VALUE!

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thank you @scottwaltonvo … i will keep that in my mind

The same has happened with me too. I had all 5 stars and just one customer, I don’t know why gave 4 stars, lowering my rating to 4.9

:’( this is actually very sad

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