Getting married on JAN 29


Getting married on January 29 , 2015 and I will be back in 1 week on February 2 .

A big thanks to FIVERR for being my main financial support .

Started on October 2010 and slowly fiverr became my HABIT .

Quit my job and earned $126,848 in 4 years. Build my dream house and finally getting married :wink:

  • Tuhin


@tuhin2u, its seems you’ve taken all the revenue on fiverr L-). Please spread it around so that we can have some :-). congrats!


Congrats!!! :smiley:


Wow that’s great! Congratulations! Best wishes to you and your soon to be wife.


Congrats , Good to see an indian making that large amount of money from fiverr :slight_smile:


Reply to @zeus777: Thanks


Reply to @rocket_ruzzel: Thank you very much !


Reply to @sunshy1: I made that amount with out any planning and promotion . Now i am more organized and my marketing skills are also improved, so my earning is increasing day by day :slight_smile: .


Reply to @sunshy1: why don’t you come to India just as a short trip :smiley: , you will be getting a chance to know indians better :wink:


congo! have a nice life ahead!


Reply to @prinzidesign: I’m from india , and so i’m proud of tuhin2u accomplishments :slight_smile:


Reply to @tuhin2u: Its completely brilliant , hope to reach where you are , someday :slight_smile:


Reply to @sunshy1: i see :slight_smile:


Marry me xD


That’s amazing!!! Congratulations on both your wedding and your great earnings.


Reply to @sunshy1: Work hard and keep learning new things, you will definitely do better then me .


Reply to @prinzidesign: Thank you bro !!


Reply to @ishakb: ha ha ha :slight_smile:

Sorry you are late !!


Reply to @writerlisaz: Thank you very much .


Reply to @tuhin2u: Thanks for inspiring words :slight_smile: